In Earth-10083, The Fury were mass produced and killed every super-being in their world except for Jim Jaspers who was a reality jumper who escaped but was foolish enough to return.[1] Six of The Furies followed him when he escaped again and were destroyed by a group of heroes in the reality he ended. This led the homeworld's Furies to send six hundred of them and kill every super-human beings of this reality.[2] Jaspers escaped again and ended up in Earth-616, where his powers led to the apparition of exogenetic-mutated babies, named Warpies.[3]

After months, the Furies arrived, and were took down by the X-Men and Joshua N'Dingi. The last remaining Fury came back to his homeworld, because of Emma Frost using her powers to make him believe the mission was ended.[4]

Earth-10083 from Astonishing X-Men Xenogenesis Vol 1 3 0001

A world ravaged by the Furies


Energy blasts and extreme resistance to all forms of damage. The Furies can restore his body after it has been nearly completely destroyed. Their scanners can analyze superhuman powers and modify their own defenses to combat them.


  • Telepathy: The Furies possess a living mind not a cybernetic conscious and thus they are vulnerable to telepathy as this was shown when Emma Frost used her telepathy to alter the memories of one of them.


Ghost Box.


Fire arms, blades.

  • Unlike its Earth-238 counterpart, this version can talk and capable of making strategy as it was shown when they fought with the X-Men and were met with heavy resistance one tried to sneak away and bring re-enforcement and another tried to sneak and kill Jaspers while the X-Men are busy battling it brethren.
  • This version isn't be designed by their Jim Jaspers's earth, but are tracking him, as they do with any super-being. Their creators are unknown.
  • This version while being powerful is not as powerful as its Earth-238 counterpart who killed every super being in it's world in two years and could sense that Captain Britain is alive while being in another universe. However, this version still an enemy to be reckoned with and their vast number make them a deadly enemy.
  • The Furies were grown not constructed as Jaspers mentioned that the Furies were grown to hunt super-being.

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