This version of The Fury was created by James Braddock Jr. based on its counterpart from Earth-238.

It was created to "test" the X-Men and confronted them when they attempted to visit Captain Britain at the Braddock Manor. The Fury managed to break Cannonball's leg, knock Rachel into the sky and knock out Bishop.[1]

When it noticed Sage's glasses, it took control of them and transformed them into a remote extension of itself. This produced nanites to take control of Sage herself, who was watching the whole scene from the Xavier Mansion, and used her to attack the other X-Men there. Sage managed to break free from the Fury with the help of her friends and set out to take her revenge on the creature.[2]

The Fury had been frozen by the time Sage and the others arrived at Braddock Manor. After requesting Storm ionize the air to blind the Fury, Sage ripped out its core processing unit and destroyed it. The Fury wasted no time and started to build a new core processing unit and repaired itself. However, it had been left vulnerable, giving the X-Men a chance to destroy it by creating a micro-singularity.[3]

Later, the X-Men told Captain Britain about it and he mistook it for its counterpart of Earth-238.[4] Additionally, Jamie recreated it to make his sister release him from her hold, erasing it once he was freed.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Energy blasts and extreme resistance to all forms of damage. The Fury can restore its body after it has been nearly completely destroyed.

It was able to transform technology with no moving parts into a nanite factory extension of itself, suggesting a form of technokinetic transmutation.[6]

Its scanners can analyze superhuman powers and modify its own defenses to combat them.

Physical Strength

Superhuman with an unknown upper limit.

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