Fury was the horse rode by cowboy Tex Taylor during the days of the American Frontier.

Riding Tex out of Washbone, Texas[1], the horse took Tex to places such as Plains City, Texas; the Monte De Cristo Range[2]; Sagebrush[3]; Dusty Roads; Wildwood[4]; Abeline[5]; Somona[6]; Smokey Mountain; Gloryville; Dry Wells[7]; Deadwood City[8]; Yellow Valley[9]; Haddon Forks[10]; Dry Gultch[11], Mayan ruins in Texas[12]; Eagle City[13]; Mesquite Valley[14]; and Devil-Tree Plateau, Navada[15]; the Rio Grand and parts of Mexico[16][17].

The horse was very intelligent and was came at Tex's command. In one such instance, Tex was captured by a man named Haggardy, who attempted to drop Tex into a well and leave him to die. Tex whistled for his horse, who rode in and knocked Haggardy and his men aside, giving Tex the time he needed to break free and gun down Harrardy and his men[18]. Later when Tex was captured by the Juggler and his men in Yellow Valley, Fury saved Tex from a stick of dynamite by smothering the fuse and then freed Tex by chewing through his bonds[9]. Fury did this again when captured by Cat Thompson and his gang in Eagle City, after trampling the outlaw guarding Tex[13]. When Tex Taylor and his companions were captured by the Dwarf Men of Devil-Tree Plateau, Fury was taken and offered as a gift for the wedding of their local giant, and the amnesia stricken explorer Jessica Sturgis. When Tex and the others freed themselves, they rescued Fury and Jessica and fled back to safety[15].

After two adventures along the Mexican border, Tex began riding a different horse named Cyclone[19]. Why Tex started riding a different horse and the fate of Fury is unexplained.


Fury was an intelligent horse trained by Tex Taylor to come when called by a whistle.

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