The Future was a career criminal, operating for at least several decades.[1] For an undetermined amount of time he was kept in an underground prison. He was able to escape from the prison after his body adapted to the sedatives they used on him.

Knowing that his son, Shogo, was at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning he proceed to attack the school, first shooting Primal then poisoning Sprite. Afterward, he sent a message to Jubilee stating that he was coming for his son and would kill everyone in the school. After infiltrating the school, he defeated Jubilee in hand-to-hand combat. He proceeded to also defeat Psylocke in hand-to-hand combat after shaking off her psychic attack, but was confused when the X-Men killed one of his subordinates, stating it was out of character for them, and kidnapped Jubilee.[2]

When the X-Men retaliated, he deployed an organic forest with defensive capabilities to attack the X-Men. He offered Storm demands to end the assault and Storm refused them. After his bloodline weapon was disabled, Jubilee gained control of the bloodline, broke out of her cell, and killed The Future.


The extent of his powers are not completely known. He seemed to be an enhanced human of some kind.

Superhuman Strength: He had enough strength to overpower and knock out Jubilee while afflicted with vampirism.[3]


He has enough fighting skill ability to defeat Psylocke in hand-to-hand combat, knocking her unconscious.[2] Telepaths have a hard time detecting him as Quentin Quire, Psylocke, Monet St. Croix, and Rachel Summers were unable to detect him. He is able to shake off psychic attacks quickly with seemingly no adverse affect on him.

He repeated the statement: "The human mind can develop a resistance to very nearly anything. If the body and soul are willing to put in the work."

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