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The Life Raft was created by the Future Foundation to survive the final incursion.[4] The lifeboat narrowly escaped the destruction of both Earth-616 and Earth-1610. Unfortunately, the section holding the Foundation broke off and was destroyed.[1]

The nefarious Cabal escaped this same incursion via a near-identical Life Raft launched from Earth-1610. Theirs was based on the same design, stolen from the Foundation. Its critical parts were built by The Maker.[5]

Three years later, the Foundation's raft was found in Battleworld by Sheriff Strange and kept hidden in the Isle of Agamotto, where it remained in storage for five years.[3] Once the Cabal's raft was found and its passengers were accidentally freed,[2] Strange decided to open the raft in his possession out of curiosity, and found its passengers alive.[3]

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