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Quote1 That's right. We couldn't win. So we came up with the only solution left: not losing. Quote2
Valeria Richards[src]

The Life Raft was the last resort of the Illuminati and the Cabal to survive the final incursion once it became clear that the Multiverse was going to end.[1] The Future Foundation built one in Earth-616,[3] and the Maker made another in Earth-1610.[4] Both landed in Battleworld.[5]


Living Tribunal (Multiverse) from Avengers Vol 5 42 001

The Living Tribunal, having been slain by the Beyonders,[6] as material for the life raft

The Life Raft was created by the Future Foundation to survive the final incursion.[3] The corpse of the fallen Living Tribunal was used to create it. It was commissioned by the Illuminati after they had conceded that the Multiverse could not be saved, although the idea originated from Valeria Richards.[1] The lifeboat narrowly escaped the destruction of Earth-616, Earth-1610, and the Multiverse as a whole. Unfortunately, the section holding the Foundation broke off and was destroyed.[4]

Future Foundation's Life Raft from Secret Wars Vol 1 1 001

The final incursion

The nefarious Cabal escaped this same incursion via a near-identical Life Raft launched from Earth-1610. Theirs was based on the same design, stolen from the Foundation. Its critical parts were built by The Maker.[7]

Cabal (Namor) (Earth-616) from Secret Wars Vol 1 2 001

The Cabal's life raft opening at Battleworld

Three years later, the Foundation's raft was found in Battleworld, a patchwork planet made from the remnants of the destroyed Multiverse, by Sheriff Strange and kept hidden in the Isle of Agamotto, where it remained in storage for five years.[8] Once the Cabal's raft was found and its passengers were accidentally freed,[9] Strange decided to open the raft in his possession out of curiosity and found its passengers alive.[8]


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