G-Type was one of the last representative of the Hodinn species.

He was engineered in the stellar nurseries of Hodinn to serve the Empire.[2]

As a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, G-Type has little trouble taking the lives of those who appear to threaten his Empress.[3]

G-Type (Earth-616) from New X-Men Vol 1 124 0001


Battling the X-Men

Even when Lilandra was under the spell of Cassandra Nova and ordered him to atmospherically cremate Cyclops and Xorn, G-Type complied. Before they could be incinerated, however, Xorn induced a minor reactor failure in G-Type´s plasma core. G-Type quickly recovered; when he took Araki´s life, as the Cassandra-possessed Lilandra had commanded, Xorn appeared once more - this time causing a reactor failure in G-Type[2] from which confirmed as fatal.[4]


However, he somehow reappeared (or a similar Hodinn) during the Fault crisis, in the ranks of the Imperial Guard,[5] was present when Izzy Kane joined the Subguardians and when the Avengers and the Imperial Guard joined their forces to counter an alien armada, who was in fact running from a greater threat.[6]


Ability to focus his body's intense energy (up to 6000°F (3316°C)) through wrist-mounted flamethrowers[1]


Wrist-mounted flamethrowers.

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