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In Destro’s castle, Cobra Commander inducts Dr. Biggles-Jones and Scarlett into Cobra, and informs them that to become full members of Cobra, they must fulfill their initiation obligations: Dr. Biggles-Jones, accompanied by Zarana and Road-Pig, is to sabotage a GI Joe weapons testing project at White Sands, while Scarlett, with Slice and Dice, is to assassinate General Hawk. Zarana is suspicious of Scarlett, and wonders if her conversion to Cobra is sincere.

In the dungeons beneath the castle, Destro and Baroness and being held prisoner in a chamber that consists of a stone pedestal surrounded by water, with a hole in the roof far above. The two are tied up, but Baroness uses her mouth to activate a hidden laser in Destro’s helmet, which he uses to burn through the ropes on her arms. She unties him, and they dive into the water, intending to swim to freedom.

Unfortunately, their presence in the water sets off an alarm, and Cobra Commander sends two Eels after them. Destro and the Baroness kill the Eels and don their uniforms, then use them to get past two Vipers.

The Vipers figure out the trick and follow the footprints of Destro and the Baroness. The footprints lead to a blank wall in a dead end, and the Vipers are stumped. Behind the wall, Destro and Baroness, in a hidden room, put on new uniforms, and Destro remarks that although Cobra Commander has taken over the castle, it was him who built it, and it is riddled with secret passageways that the Commander knows nothing about. Destro and Baroness crawl through some of these passages, and then climb up the inside of a gigantic snake head over Cobra Commander’s throne where they have a perfect view of him. They hear Cobra Commander order his men to unmask everyone in the castle until the fugitives are found.

Two days later, at White Sands, the GI Joe team is preparing for a weapons test. They will use a new, experimental rail gun prototype mounted on the Battle Wagon to destroy a remote controlled HISS tank. Roadblock and Wildcard are in the Battle Wagon, Hawk and Stalker are in the Command G.P.V., remotely controlling the HISS, Big Ben and Ninja Force are in the Monster Blaster to provide security, and Dialtone, Mainframe, Psyche-Out and Dr. Zietgeist, the inventor of the rail gun prototype, are in the command bunker.

The Battle Wagon drives towards the HISS, but when Roadblock fires a test missile at the HISS, it swerves out of the way. Zarana, Road-Pig, and Dr. Biggles-Jones have snuck into the HISS and are overriding the remote control. They fire at the Battle Wagon and destroys Dr. Zietgeist’s rail gun prototype, and then drive away. The security team and the Command G.P.V. deploy and begin to chase after the HISS, while Dr. Zietgeist claims that the weapon mounted on the HISS was actually the Biggles-Jones rail gun prototype, leading Hawk to realize that Dr. Bigges-Jones has gone over to Cobra.

Meanwhile, Scarlett, accompanied by Slice and Dice, aims at Hawk with a sniper rifle. She hesitates, but is urged on by Slice, and fires. She misses Hawk’s head, but the bullet ruptures a gas line, and the gas tank explodes, apparently killing Hawk and Stalker. Jinx jumps out of the Monster Blaster to help Stalker and Duke, and it switches objectives, now chasing the vehicle that contains Scarlett, Slice, and Dice, which is fleeing in the same direction as the HISS. Snake Eyes jumps on to it, but is distracted by Scarlett’s presence, and Slice knocks him off of the vehicle. Cobra transport choppers arrive and fly away with all of the Cobras.

Snake Eyes stares after the retreating choppers, and Storm Shadow tells him that “You know what you have to do.” The other Joes rush back to where Hawk and Stalker’s vehicle exploded, but find the two alive and well, due to them having worn fire-proof suits underneath their normal clothes. The entire weapons test was a hoax with the purpose of getting Scarlett accepted into Cobra so that she can act as a double agent for GI Joe. The missing bullet was intentional, and the exploding gas tank was staged. As Duke finishes this explanation, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow arrive and ask him to repeat his explanation.

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