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Quote1.png We're part of the super hero team, The Great Lakes Avengers. And we're wondering if you'd like to...join? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Dismembership Drive"

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Synopsis for "Dismembership Drive"

The story starts with the funeral of Dinah Soar. Deathurge appears at the funeral, and Mister Immortal shouts at him; the other members of the team can't see Deathurge, and question Mister Immortal's sanity.

Meanwhile, Maelstrom hires Batroc's Brigade to steal something for him. At a modeling shoot, Ashley Crawford (aka. Big Bertha) is considering giving up the team. Back at the HQ, Flatman and Doorman go on a membership drive.

Grasshopper comes across Batroc's Brigade breaking into the building, and tries to stop them.

At the Thunderbolts HQ, Flatman tries to convince Swordsman to join the team, mistaking him for Hawkeye but is rejected. Meanwhile, Doorman has no better luck trying to recruit Moon Knight. They are also given the same speech by Spider-Man, Daredevil and Wolverine, and they fail to recruit Energizer of the Power Pack. Living Lightning almost joins, until he realizes GLA stands for Great Lakes Avengers instead of Gay/Lesbian Alliance.

The group asks many other heroes including Wonder Man, Falcon, Nightcrawler, Black Bolt, Awesome Andy, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, who replies with "Sweet Christmas NO!".

They eventually recruit Squirrel Girl and Monkey Joe. They rush to aid Grasshopper with the robbery and ask him to join the team. Grasshopper accepts shortly before Zaran throws a dagger at his head. Doorman tries to take the dagger for him but it passes through Doorman into Grasshopper, killing him. Deathurge then appears and takes Grasshopper away. At the end of the issue, Flatman is pulled into a portal -- and dragging Bertha with him, he decides to be a hero and let go.

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