Origin and early years

Gabriel was an Angel from Heaven,[1] and an Archangel.[citation needed]

He used to walk in the Garden of Eden with Belathauzer, before the creation of man and the rebellion of the Morningstar, in which Belathauzer took part.[2]

Operation: Xenogenesis

Gabriel, fed up with the "Cold War" between Heaven and Hell, conspired with the demon Belathauzer to instigate a premature Armageddon and a Xenogenesis, confident that Heaven would triumph over Hell.[3][2] Daniel Sylva, the latest Devil-Slayer, interrupted the ritual to bring Hell to Earth, and destroyed both Belathauzer (seemingly repelled to Hell) and Gabriel, beheaded and who fell in Hell through the portal of the ritual.[1]

At the moment of his death and the fall of his body in a portal to Hell, Devil-Slayer considered him a fallen angel.[1]

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