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Gabe Jones, alongside Sgt. Becky Barnes and Captain America were sent on a potential suicide mission to stop Red Skull from dropping an atomic bomb on a city. Before getting on a plane the group, the group discovered the Exiles and believed them to be the crew sent to meet them. While travelling to the plane, Gabe got to know Wolvie who didn't understand the concept of death. Once they got to the plane, they fought through Hydra troops until they made it to the cockpit of the plane and found the Red Skull. Cap set off a bomb, forcing Blink to teleport everyone out and taking the bomb with them to avoid the small explosion setting off the larger bomb and dispersing the radiation. The group celebrated, until they discovered too late the bomb had been damaged and exploded, which killed Gabe.[1]



Seemingly those of Gabe Jones of Earth-616.

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