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Quote1.png Had some help from your son. Useful having a competent time-traveler in the family. Quote2.png
Captain America[src]


Gabri O'Hara seemingly had the same history as his Earth-616 counterpart, growing up to become a time-travelling superhero. In 2116 A.D. he created his suit, designing it after his father's, and succeeding him as Spider-Man.

He later traveled back to 2019 A.D. and partnered with an alternate version of his mother to combat The Fist. On May 15, they ran into a past version of his father and the trio prevented The Fist's attack. In retaliation, The Fist took control of the populous of New York. Gabri interrogated a mind controlled NYPD officer using his Arachnauts, learning that The Fist controlled those who used the Didjyman App. After The Fist lost control of their mind controlled army, Gabri told Miguel where to find the Tempest Monroe of 2017 A.D. and despite the pleading of Honey Bee, convinced him to rescue her. Once she was safe, Gabri helped Captain America and Strange transport Miguel to 2100 A.D..[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Mind Control
    • Hypnosis



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