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Prior to his death, Harry Osborn devised a cruel plan to torture both his father Norman and his former best friend Peter Parker. With the help of Mendel Stromm, he built a secret laboratory in the Parisian Osborn Manor and genetically-engineered two bodies spliced from Norman and Gwen Stacy's DNA: a boy named Gabriel and a girl named Sarah. They were created to torture Peter, Norman, and Mary Jane Watson by making them believe Gwen had cheated on Peter with Norman and got impregnated by him as a result, with Harry going as far as to hiring Mysterio to hypnotize both Norman and Mary Jane to implant false memories which corroborated that narrative. The twins were raised by an artificial intelligence designed from Harry and Norman's minds, who inherited Harry's revenge plots after he died, to believe that lie as well.[8]

Because of a genetic flaw caused by Norman's enhanced blood, the Stacy twins aged at a rapid rate, resulting in their premature deaths. Taking advantage of that, Mephisto, the Hell-Lord to who Norman had sold Harry's soul in exchange for achieving glory, acted through the Osborn A.I. to bring them back to life again and again, forging them in the literal flames of Hell while they were in his realm. He planned to eventually use them as his pawns to claim Spider-Man's soul, thus averting a future he saw in which the hero's daughter with Mary Jane ended his reign of terror once and for all.[2]

Sins Past

In the meantime, Sarah and Gabriel, ignorant of the truth about themselves and having aged into adulthood within a few short years, were released into the outside world. There, they were manipulated by either the real Norman or the Osborn A.I. into thinking Peter was their real father and also the man responsible for their mother's death. They baited Peter Parker with an "unsent" letter written years ago by Gwen Stacy, where faint traces of writing on the other side "revealed" text stating that Gwen had been pregnant and had twins. Once Peter collected DNA from Gwen's grave, which "proved" that the twins were her children, Mary Jane's implanted memories activated, leading her to reveal Norman Osborn as their "father".[9][8]

Grey Goblin assaults Spider-Man

Spider-Man met the twins atop George Washington Bridge to expose Norman's manipulations, as Sarah began to believe Spider-Man, while Gabriel was maddeningly convinced of the lie. Wrongly outraged that "Spider-Man" had abandoned them, misbelieving he was attempting to pawn them off on Norman, Gabriel attacked a reticent Spider-Man who didn't want to hurt him. However, Police became involved and shot the twins, wounding Sarah. Meanwhile, Gabriel escaped and found a base Norman had told them about. Realizing Peter was telling the truth, he injected himself with Goblin Formula and donned a grey variant of the Green Goblin costume, becoming the "Grey Goblin" in an attempt to gain the strength to finally kill Spider-Man.[10] Attacking at the hospital where Spider-Man was saving Sarah's life, Grey Goblin was ready to kill Spider-Man in his weakened state when Sarah intervened by shooting his Goblin Glider, causing it to blow up and Gabriel losing his memories.[4]

Sins Remembered

After Sarah had secretly taken him home to Paris and cared for him, a drug dealer from their youth came after the two for the theft of $1.5 million dollars of drugs Gabriel stole from him. When the pressure of nursing him and fending off the dealer became too much, Sarah attempted suicide and Gabriel escaped the Osborn estate in a crazed state while she was in the hospital. As he was on the loose, Sarah eventually joined Interpol in an effort to find Gabriel.[6]

Found again by Norman Osborn, Gabriel was injected with a Super-Soldier-Goblin Formula.[11]

American Son

American Son

Years later, a new clone of Gabriel Stacy resurfaced, shooting his half-brother Harry Osborn in a fit of jealousy over Norman's spoils. Leaving him for dead, Gabriel stole the American Son Armor and fled continuing to suffer from the split personality disorder, developed as a result of the second dose of the Goblin Serum. As Gabriel committed crimes as himself, his 'American Son' persona undid the damage, which identified itself as the part of Gabriel's mind that recognized what he was doing was wrong. Recovering from the injury, Harry was informed by his father that Gabriel was his brother.

Gabriel's escapades as both his criminal self and his American Son alter ego continued, often being thwarted by Spider-Man. After kidnapping reporter Norah Winters, Gabriel made another attempt on Harry's life, luring Harry to a vacant warehouse. Harry began to fight Gabriel while attempting to convince him that their father was nothing but evil, but Gabriel ignored him and continued fighting, only for Harry to deactivate the American Son armor via remote. Essentially powerless, Gabriel and Harry became trapped in the ensuing fire resulting from the fight until their rescue by Spider-Man. Gabriel was taken to a psychiatric hospital to receive treatment for his split personality disorder and criminal past. While there, he received a package containing the American Son helmet and a note from Norman saying that he "loved and missed him". However, this left him wondering if he should continue his criminal past or change his beliefs.[12]

Sins as Kindred

After some time, Sarah and Gabriel died from their genetic instability, with an unknown set number of clones being created subsequently. When the time to hatch his plan came, Mephisto gave the Stacy twins demonic powers and seemingly bonded them to the real Harry's soul and/or the Osborn A.I., granting them access to all of Harry's memories and hatred. Sharing the Kindred identity, Gabriel and Sarah tortured Spider-Man for months under the guise of Harry Osborn, motivated by memories of the hate Harry once held in life.[13]

While Mysterio was tortured in hell, Kindred appeared before him and made a deal with Beck. In return for serving him,[14], Kindred gave Beck a way to access a new world.[15] Under the catacombs of Paris, he was also met by Kingpin, who begged the demon to help him, but getting only a "no" as an answer.[16]

Once more living on Earth, Gabriel and Sarah shared the mantle of "Kindred" and haunted Peter Parker as the damned soul of Harry Osborn, and also manipulating Norman's awareness of facts into believing such.[17] Gabriel coerced Mysterio into service,[18] murdered Mendel Stromm,[19] and ordered Fisk not to harm Peter,[20] yet grew enraged as Peter and Felicia resumed their friendship.[21] During Kraven's Hunt, he filled Peter's mind with visions of Mary Jane's death, yet spared her when she showed compassion to one of his centipede familiars.[22] After Sarah revived Stanley Carter as a minion of Kindred's[23][24] with the power to take the sins from his victims,[25] Gabriel harvested the combined sins to possess the Order of the Web, sending them on a reign of terror across New York[26] before Peter bartered his suffering for their freedom.[27]

With the revelation of Kindred as "Harry", Gabriel brought Peter, Mary Jane, and the Order to the dinner party, citing Peter's past actions[28] causing Harry's suffering.[29] However, Gabriel was captured in a Darkforce cage by Fisk and a cleansed Norman[30] and confined to Ravencroft[31] where Fisk had Baron Mordo interrogate him for information.[32] However, Gabriel played to Norman's resurfaced humanity to escape[33] and went as Harry to Chameleon in The Hiding Place for his shapeshifting serum[34] before igniting the Sinister War[35][36] by forcing the participation of Spider-Man's many rogues.[37]

As Spider-Man's multitudes of enemies raced to kill him, Gabriel gleefully watched until Octavius stopped the fighting to save Spider-Man in revenge for Gabriel reneging on their deal.[12] Meeting Peter to portal him to Paris, their battle culminated in a final confrontation where, despite their best efforts, the Kindred were ultimately unable to break Peter's spirit as Mephisto wanted and dismissed them. With the demon keeping them genetically stable, their rapid-aging disease was once more active for their failure, and Gabriel died with his sister beside Peter.[7]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[41]
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Gabriel was born with inherited abilities from his genetic father, Norman, including super strength, reflexes, healing, and endurance as well as accelerated aging. He later injected himself with a "second dose" of the Goblin Formula, and thus increased his existing abilities as well as attained new ones.[38] He later was injected with the Super-Soldier-Goblin Formula:[11]

  • Superhuman Strength: His inheritance combined with the super soldier serum & the Goblin Formula have fortified Gabriel's musculature, connective tissue, and bone structure, granting him superhuman strength that is much greater than his father and half-brother Harry's own physical strengths. He possesses sufficient strength to lift in the 800lbs - 25 ton range.
  • Superhuman Stamina: His inheritance combined with the super soldier serum & the Goblin Formula have increased the overall efficiency of Gabriel's musculature. As a result, his muscles produce less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of normal humans.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Gabriel's reflexes are similarly enhanced by his inheritance combined with the super soldier serum & the Goblin Formula, and are superior to those of the finest peak-human specimen.
  • Healing Abilities: Gabriel's inheritance combined with the super soldier serum & the Goblin Formula has increased his natural healing abilities & allows him to heal damaged tissue much faster and more extensively than even either his father or half-brother are far from capable of. This healing factor has healed his genetic damages, thereby destroying his rapid aging & might have granted him an ageless immortality.


Fighting Skills: Gabriel has great training in hand to hand combat, marksmanship & strategic & tactical planning.

High Endurance: His amazing constitution allows him to mentally block out pain done from extensive physical damages & allows him to still continue fighting. This naturally developed endurance has made him far tougher and more resistant to injury than the finest peak-human specimen.

Physical Strength

Gabriel possesses sufficient strength to lift in the 800 lbs-25 ton range.


Rapid-Aging Disease: Before taking the Goblin Formula, Gabriel aged at a much faster rate than humans (physically aging about 2-3 years in one year). Had he not taken the Goblin Formula, this would have presumably killed him.[4]






  • "Sins Past" writer J. Michael Straczynski originally intended for Peter Parker to be the father of Gabriel and Sarah. However, the editors were against the idea, because having two adult children would have made Peter feel old, and it was decided for Norman to be the father.[39]
  • In Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 5) #74, the Kindred twins are differentiated by the color of their jacket. Gabriel wears a brown jacket whereas Sarah wears a purple jacket. For the archivist purposes of the Marvel Database, this differential will be used to set apart Gabriel and Sarah from each other to determine which twin was acting as Kindred at any given time before the revelation that there were two of them.
  • In Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 5) #73, Gabriel and Sarah are portrayed as empty vessels for their creator (either the Harry Osborn A.I. or Mephisto), with Sarah referring to herself in third person and telling Mary Jane Watson that she "is gone." However, Gabriel and Sarah act as themselves in the following issue. They also appear to be unaware of the Osborn A.I. or Mephisto's influence, and believe themselves to be the real children of Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy.

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