In this reality Gabriel was thrown into the M'kraan Crystal instead of Professor Xavier. He drifted into the White Hot Room where he encountered several Phoenix Avatars, among them a Quentin Quire. Quire said that due to his rage and hate Gabriel would never be worthy of the Phoenix Force but instead Gabriel killed him and all the other avatars and became the Phoenix. He burst out from the crystal and absorbed the Phoenix power from Rachel and Korvus and proceeded to kill everyone present with the exception of Rachel and Alex who managed to flee.

Gabriel proceeds to consume 6 more galaxies before killing Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave and consumes the Kree home galaxy as well before setting a course for Earth. Meanwhile Rachel and Alex arrived on Earth and Rachel gathers the members of the Summers family; herself, Scott, Alex and Cable. They journey out in space where they find Krakoa in order to face Gabriel. Gabriel tries to kill them but is unable to and is finally calmed down by Rachel who tells him that the Phoenix reacts poorly to negative emotions and that he's about to be consumed along with all of reality. Gabriel, finally having the family he always dreamed of sacrifices himself but wakes up in the White Hot Room embraced by the Phoenix/Jean Grey who promises to help him.[1]


Seemingly those of Vulcan of Earth-616 as well as those provided by the Phoenix Force of Earth-616.

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