Gabrielle Haller was a woman of Roma descent who during World War II was imprisoned in a german concentration camp.[1] Following the war she spend time in a mental institute where she met another patient named Charles Xavier. The two fell in love and after Charles left the hospital, he took Gabrielle with him to live in his house. The couple eventually married and had a son named David Haller, who inherited his father's telepathic abilities. Charles believed himself to be the only one of his kind in the world until he sensed another telepath in Morocco. Despite Gabrielle's please Charles left to meet the man, who turned out to be Amahl Farouk, a very old and powerful Mutant.[2] Charles battled Farouk on the Astral Plane and eventually was able to separate Shadow King's consciousness from his body, diminishing his threat. However, Farouk instead attached himself to Charles' son, which eventually led to him and Gabrielle giving David up for adoption in an attempt to hide him from the threat.[3]

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