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In the not-too-distant future, Gabby took part in the Doom World War and won. In the aftermath, Laura Kinney was named Queen of Madripoor, so she retired and gave Gabby the mantle of Wolverine. Around this time, Gabby married someone named Taylor and had two sons, Wade and Logan (presumably named after Deadpool and the original Wolverine). She also had her bone claws enhanced with lasers.

One day after a mission, Laura called Gabby over to tell her she was dying as a result of an imperfection in the original process that cloned her; however, she confirmed that neither Gabby nor her children had inherited the defect.[1]

Gabby accompanied Laura on her mission to Latveria to kill Doctor Doom and find her fellow clone Bellona. They were also accompanied by Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, and Maria Hill. They all entered the Doom Dome, where the citizens of Latveria were being held from the outside world, and found that their outside technology did not work in the dome, including the nanites in Gabby's bloodstream.

The group was subsequently found and attacked by Doombots. They managed to fend them off, but Maria Hill was killed in the battle.[2] After penetrating Doom's fortress, Gabby, along with Kate and Carol, found a facility where Bellona was being held prisoner along with many heroes presumed dead from the Doom World War, including Gambit, Rocket Racoon, Daredevil, Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man.

After freeing Bellona and the other heroes, Gabby and her friends let down the dome and freed the citzens of Latveria, letting their nation see the sky for the first time in years. Laura told Gabby that she had lived a good life and was content to die now, her work being finished; however, Gabby refused to let Laura leave her, even through death, and escorted her out of Latveria. As they walked out, Gabby vowed to find every scientist, alien, magician, witch, and god they knew and find a way to cure Laura of her cell degeneration.[3]

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Gabby's laser claws.

Seemingly those of the Gabby Kinney of Earth-616, but her claws have been enhanced to behave like lasers.


Seemingly those of the Gabby Kinney of Earth-616.



Wolverine's Suit

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