Quote1 You don't know what she's capable of. She's worse than both of us. Quote2
-- Logan src
Gabrielle Kinney (Earth-807128) from All-New Wolverine Vol 1 12 001
While helping Gabby tend her pet wolverine's injuries after a failed break-in, Logan revealed a version of her existed in his home reality. He inferred from that relationship that the Gabby of Earth-616 also had powers, and that she had deliberately withheld this information from Wolverine. Gabby insisted she did not intend to harm Laura, but Logan nonetheless attempted to warn her what the Gabby of his reality did. Laura refused to listen, however, insisting that the two realities were distinct, and that she wanted Gabby to live her own life and not be resigned to destiny.[1]

Gabby killed, and was killed by, the Laura Kinney of Earth-807128. Logan was deeply embittered by this, and when he came across Gabby's grave site in the Wastelands he made a point of smashing her marker and stating she deserved to be forgotten.[2] It also led him to accidentally lash out at the Gabby of Earth-616 while driven feral by a S.H.I.E.L.D. attack, because she took Laura away from him.[3]


Presumably those of Gabby Kinney of Earth-616.


Presumably those of Gabby Kinney of Earth-616.

Strength level

Presumably those of Gabby Kinney of Earth-616.


Presumably those of Gabby Kinney of Earth-616.

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