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Quote1 Now learn the lesson you have forever so feared. If you would save all creation... look beyond each single life. Let those who must fall, fall. Mourn the facing of each dead leaf. But do not pause to stop it. Instead, you create anew. Create out of ashes and death. Create out of darkness and chaos. That is how existence fought for life. Remake yourself, Hercules. And rise. Quote2



Gaea was one of the Elder Gods born from the Demiurge circa four billion years ago. She emerged from the Darkness becoming one of the first beings to emerge on the planet,[62] along with her siblings Chthon, Set, Oshtur, and others.[63]

Gaea bore witness to her brother Chthon as he meticulously etched arcane glyphs onto the ancient pages of the Darkhold, long before the advent of recorded history.[64]

Elder Gods Degeneration[]

The other Elder Gods, following the example of Set, started eating each other, a process that turned all but Gaea into demons. Worried that they might menace Earth's organic life forms, Gaea summoned the Demiurge and "mated" with it, to give birth to her first son, the sun-god Atum, who, in its form of Demogorge the God-Eater, devoured all the demons, except those that escaped to other planes, such as Set and Chthon. The Utgard-Loki came to Gaea and gave her a key to his plane, Utgard, where he would hide alongside Toranos, Kemur, Mejed, and Nrgl. Gaea then merged with the Earth itself, and dedicated herself to guiding evolution. Atum went to live in the Sun.[65][63][66]

Caretaker of Evolution[]

Millions of years later, Gaea decided to allow the dinosaurs to become extinct, so mammals would evolve in their place. This angered Set, who drew power from them. He made the dinosaurs try to hunt down all mammals, so Gaea summoned the Demogorge to deal with him. Their battle may have finished killing off the dinosaurs. In the end, Set was banished from Earth again.[67]

First Host[]

Gaea protected Earth from the influence of Set. Gaea, guardian of the Wanderers, an ancient group of primates forebears to humanity, shielded them from harm during the tumultuous clash with the Serpent-Men in the Garden of Eden. As the dust settled from the battle, the Wanderers beheld the awe-inspiring sight of the First Host of the Celestials descending in their majestic starship. Gaea, accompanying these cosmic visitors, bestowed a gentle smile upon the tribe, encouraging them to embrace the blessings offered by these enigmatic beings from beyond the stars. These were the beings who descendants became the Eternals and Deviants, as well as generating the potential for superhuman mutation within mainstream Humans.[68][65][69]

Mother of Pantheons[]

Gaea (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 301 0001

Gaea and her many names

A time went on and ushering in the era of primitive humans, a profound shift unfolded with the emergence of the second generation of gods upon the world. Gaea, engaged in myriad unions with these divine beings, assuming diverse identities throughout. This intricate dance of creation rendered her the revered "Mother-Goddess" woven into the fabric of countless myths and legends, her divine lineage entwined with the very roots of various pantheons. This cosmic union, chronicled in various tales, epitomizes the profound interplay between divinity and mortal realm, shaping the tapestry of human understanding across time.[53]

Gaea gave birth to the the sky deity Ouranos, with whom she united to conceive the inaugural Olympian lineage, the Titans. Their union also brought forth the Cyclopes and the Hecatocheiroi. However, Ouranos, displeased with these offspring, incarcerated the Cyclops and the Hecatocheiroi within the depths of Tartarus in the world.[53]

In her guise as Ninhursag, Gaea engaged in a union with the Annunaki sky patriarch, Anu, thus giving rise to a fresh cohort of Annunaki descendants, among whom was Inanna.[53]

In her manifestation as Pachamama, Gaea collaborated with the Apu sky father, Viracocha, to fashion a lineage of towering giants fashioned after Viracocha's likeness. These colossal beings dwelled in profound darkness within the city of Tiahunaco (present-day Tiwanaku, Bolivia). Yet, the giants rebelled against their makers, compelling Viracocha to revert them to stone. While Gaea's attention was directed elsewhere, Viracocha then forged the sea goddess Mama Cocha to stand as his companion.[53]

In the mythos of the Aboriginal Gods, when the malevolent deity Marmoo unleashed his swarms of insects to devastate the land, Gaea assumed various forms such as Dilga and Nungeena. She ingeniously wove flowers into a flock of lyrebirds, which then swooped down upon and vanquished the marauding insect horde, safeguarding the landscape from destruction.[53]

In the form of Papa mated with the Sky Father, Rangi, birthing the inaugural Akua, the Oceanic gods. Bound in an unyielding embrace, Papa and Rangi's offspring dwelled in perpetual darkness. In the face of this eternal night, the bold Ku proposed a drastic solution: to slay their parents and end the darkness once and for all. However, Kāne dissented, opting for a more benevolent approach. With his formidable strength, Kane exerted himself to separate Papa and Rangi, thereby sundering the sky from the earth and bestowing light upon the world.[53]

In her guise as Izanami-No-Mikoto, she encountered Izanagi-No-Mikoto when he descended to Earth from Ama. Together, they embarked into the boundless void of eternal nothingness, overshadowed by Amatsu-Mikaboshi. Positioned on the Bridge of Heaven, they plunged Izanagi's Jeweled Spear into the abyss, catalyzing the creation of Japan from the depths of the void. Descending to these newly formed lands, they initiated the process of populating them with living beings, including the lesser Amatsu-Kami, who would later be revered as gods by the people of Japan. However, Izanami vanished after giving birth to the fire god Kagutsuchi. Believing her to be consumed by the flames, Izanagi journeyed fruitlessly into the underworld of Yomi in search of her.[53]

The ancient mystical cow, Audumbla—an embodiment of Gaea—emerged from the icy realms of Niffleheim mere moments after the birth of the first Frost Giant, Ymir, whose coming thawed the ice with Muspelheim's fiery heat. Ymir sustained himself on Audumbla's milk, while she, in turn, derived nourishment from licking the boundless ice of Niffleheim. Through the passage of time, Audumbla's persistent efforts gradually eroded the ice, unveiling Buri, the progenitor of the Asgardians, from his icy confines.[53]

The Daevas, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu known as the Trimurti ascended from Hiranyagarbha, the radiant womb of Gaea, later revered by the Daevas as Aditi.[53]

In the form of Erce she met the primordial god of order Rod and brought her to his native realm Svarga, where she gave birth to the Dievas.[53]

In the form of Nut, along with Atum and Demiurge, they created the Heliopolitans the gods of Egypt.[53]

As A'akuluujjusi, she mated with Hodiak, giving rise to the primary Inua, the revered gods of the Inuit pantheon.[53]

Referred to as Akka or Ilmatar, she mated with Ukko to give birth to the Jumala, the revered deities of Finnish mythology.[53]

Ouranos was slain by her son Cronus' scythe and his blood seeped into the ocean, birthing the Furies. From Uranus's blood also arose the Giants. To protect Zeus from Cronus's wrath, Gaea concealed him in the Caves of Dicte on Crete's Aegean Hill, where he was nurtured by the goat Amalthea and attended to by minor goddesses. Following Gaea's prophecy on overcoming the Titans, Zeus, now grown, freed his siblings becoming the Olympians and released the Cyclopes from Tartarus, enlisting their aid in vanquishing the Titans in the Titanomachy.[53]

Tengri, the Sky Father revered by various Altaic Turkic, Mongol, and Yakut cultures, epitomized the timeless expanse of the Eternal Blue Sky, preceding all existence. Discovering a kindred essence in the ancient Earth Mother Gaea, they united to conceive their son, Erlik. Gaea, shaping Erlik's form from mud, and Tengri, infusing it with the essence of life, known as "kut," bestowed him existence. Yet, Erlik's burgeoning pride and arrogance led to his banishment by Tengri into the depths of the netherworld, where he morphed into the god of evil and death. From this union, other divine progeny emerged: Ay, the moon goddess; Koyash, the sun god; Kuara, the thunder deity; and Ulgen, the god of light. Pleased with these subsequent creations, Tengri and Gaea endeavored to fashion humanity, entrusting Ulgen with safeguarding the nascent mortal realm.[53]

As Umay or Yer among the Altaic Turks, referred to as Eje or Otuken within Mongolian traditions, and known as Ajyst among the Yakuts.[53]

Birth of Thor[]

Gaea (Earth-616) from Avengers 1,000,000 B.C

Birth of Thor

In around 1,000,0000 BC, Gaea under the name Jord encountered the young Asgardian Odin who sought to father a son whose power would derive from both Asgard and Midgard. On Stone age Midgard, Odin created a cave in a region in which will one day be called Norway where she gave birth to Thor.[70] though the Phoenix has asserted that Odin had lied about Thor's parentage and that it was his birth mother through Firehair, an ancient human mutant and avatar of the Phoenix Force,[71] claiming that Gaea was a lie to ensure that Thor would dedicate himself to protecting the Earth.[72]
Gaea (Earth-616) from Avengers 1,000,000 B.C

Midgard's mightiest champion

In truth, Gaea was Thor's birth mother, with the Phoenix acting as her midwife, but when the newborn Thor was assassinated by King Laufey the Phoenix resurrected him, leaving him permanently imbued with some of her power.[73] Months after the infant Thor was weaned, Odin brought him to Asgard to be raised. Odin's wife, the goddess Frigga, acted as Thor's mother from that time onward, and for many years Thor believed her to be his birthmother. Not until many centuries later did Thor learn the purported truth that Jord was his birth mother,[74]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age[]

The Great Mother Danu was one of the deities of the Picts circa 18,500 BC.[23]

Valka was allegedly the son of Gaea.[75] About 30,000 BC, Valka achieved prominence, which lasted at least 12,000 years.[76]

Hyborian Age[]

In 10,000 BC, reverence for the divine figure known as Danu manifested in various forms, with titles such as Mother Danu[22] and Lady Danu[11] attributed to her. Throughout his legendary exploits, the mighty Conan the Barbarian encountered the venerable Sisterhood of Danu, a devout sect dedicated to the worship of the Mother Goddess.[24]

Intriguingly, as the ages turned, the Diviatix emerged, driven by a fervent desire to harness the formidable might of Danu. With incantations and invocations, Diviatix sought her divine favor, believing it to be the key to unlocking profound power.[22]

Third Host[]

In 1000 AD, the Third Host of the Celestials occurred, during which the Space Gods informed they would return 1,000 years later to judge Earth's right to continue existing. While the pantheons prepared for war, Gaea planned a peaceful solution to the problem with many goddesses (among them Aman Sinaya for the Diwatas/Philippine gods, Amaterasu of the Amatsu-Kami/Shinto gods, Ameretat of the Yazatas/Zoroastrian gods, Ay of the Tenger/Mongolian gods, Chalchiuhtlique of the Teteoh/Aztec gods, Haumea of the Akua/Oceanic gods[77] (in fact herself),[30] Hera of the Olympians/Graeco-Roman gods, Isis of the Ennead/Heliopolitans/Egyptian gods, Ixchel of the Ahau/Mayan gods, Julunggul of the Aboriginal Gods, Lada of the Dievas/Slavic/Russian gods, Lahamu of the Annunaki/Mesopotamian gods, Mahu of the Vodū/African gods, Mama Cocha of the Apu/Incan gods, Mielikki of the Jumala/Finnish gods, Morrigan of the Tuatha de Danaan/Celtic gods, Nelvanna of the Inua/Northern gods, Wiininwaa of the Manidoog/Native American gods, Xi Wangmu of the Xian/Taoist/Chinese gods, Ungnyeo of the Shin/Korean gods, Frigga and Sigyn of the Asgardians/Norse gods, and Saraswati, Parvati and Lakshmi of the Daevas/Hindu/Vedic gods.

Across the Ages[]

For the next thousand years, they searched for humans representing mankind's highest ideals, to be offered to the Celestials as an offering. The goddesses placed the candidates in suspended animation, with their superhuman potential (legacy of the First Host) awakened: the Young Gods, a group of twelve humans, each representing one of mankind's achievements.[77]

Modern Age[]

Gaea called upon the sorceress Clea to protect her from “a growth in the world which was not of her desire.” She was referring to the presence of Dormammu.[78] Held captive by Dormammu at the center of the Earth where he’d been imprisoned, Gaea called out to his niece Clea to free her.[79] Imprisoned by Dormammu, Gaea watched with joy as the Vision, Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness escaped the demon's clutches.[80] Gaea again called out to Clea for help, as Dormammu attempted to destroy the Earth, but Doctor Strange transferred part of his power to Clea so that she could set Gaea free, and Gaea harnessed the power of every living being on Earth to banish Dormammu back to the Dark Dimension.[81]

Thor using the Eye of Odin showed Thor the recent past, and further going back to his birth but his mothers identity was hidden in shadow.[82]

Fourth Host[]

When the souls of all Asgardians (except Thor's) possessed the body of the Destroyer and attacked the Celestials, only to be defeated and scattered. Gaea then appeared with the Young Gods, and presented them to the Celestials as proof of man's worth to survive. They were accepted, and the Celestials left without destroying the Earth. Gaea, in the form of a dark-haired woman, then healed the wounded Thor, and explained the whole story to him. She also told him how he could restore the Asgardians' souls to their bodies with help from all the other Godheads, which he then went on to obtain. Gaea then went back to being 'one with the planet'.[74]

Revenge on Olympus[]

Gaea orchestrated the transportation of the Hulk from the Crossroads dimension to Olympus with a strategic intent: to instigate a conflict against the Olympians. In doing so, she sought retribution for the injustices suffered by her offspring, the Titans, at the hands of the Olympians.[83]

Mystic Encounters[]

Over the years, Gaea continues to grant power to many who call on her.

Gaea witnessed the inner torment of a valiant park ranger, forsaken and battered in his struggle to defend the wilderness from encroaching developers. Moved by his unwavering spirit, she bestowed upon him the mantle of nature's staunch defender, anointed as Brother Nature.[84]

Trapped within the form of a female rat by the sinister Dormammu, Doctor Strange urgently beseeched Gaea for aid. However, Gaea, still reeling from the tumultuous events of Inferno, found herself too depleted to intervene directly. Instead, she dispatched the enigmatic mystic known as Topaz to assist the Sorcerer Supreme in his dire predicament. [85]

Dark Mairi, one of her devoted Celtic followers, invoked Gaea's formidable power.[86]

Gaea disclosed to Thor that she was unable to assist him in his battle against the Elder God Set. Instead, she advised him to seek aid from her son, Atum.[87]

While trying to cure Hercules, the Titan; Prometheus invoked Gaea for power to help heal him.[88]

As Uatu the Watcher concluded his observations on Set, Gaea approached him, expressing her belief that humanity's innate qualities of courage, idealism, and love would inevitably lead to Set's defeat at their hands.[89]

As Maelstrom's menacing Black Hole loomed, casting a dire shadow over the fate of Earth, Gaea sounded the alarm, beckoning Dr. Strange to confront the imminent peril. With his guidance, a coalition of mystics rallied to the cause, pooling their arcane might to stave off catastrophe. In the end, it was Quasar who delivered the decisive blow, banishing the threatening abyss and securing Earth's salvation.[90] Her pain resulting from the harm humanity had done to Earth, nearly drove the mutant Humus Sapien to take the lives of all mankind.[91]

The Defenders[]

She was captured by the extradimensional scientist Yandroth and forced to place a curse on the earliest Defenders, compelling them to gather to oppose threats to Earth. She continued to perpetuate this curse herself for a time, pleased to have even unwilling protectors, but she dissolved it after the Defenders became corrupt due to Yandroth's influence. She informed Nighthawk that he would have the power to summon them should the need arise.[92]

Chaos War[]

During the Chaos War, Gaea was sought to be protected by the divine pantheons of Earth at all cost with the Shinto Sun Goddess Amaterasu sealing off the throne room of the Council of Elite to do so. When the Chaos King destroyed most of the divine realms of each pantheons, Gaea, with her daughter the Fire Goddess Pele summoned the remaining gods to Mt. Halemaumau for the last moments of farewell. There, Gaea revealed to Hercules that she is the true font of creation, the first being to form out of chaos and that she is the true power source of what the gods can do. She then instructs Hercules to embrace her daughter Pele as she teaches him to to become the God of Gods despite Athena's words that her time draws near with the Chaos King saying that Gaea should stop dreaming of creation and return to his night. Still, despite her weakened state, Gaea managed to teach Hercules how to use the nigh-omnipotent powers within him and imbued him with her own powers allowing Hercules to destroy Athena in a single gesture.[30]

All-Mother of Asgardia[]

Gaea was one third of the All-Mother of Asgard playing the role as the Mother as she ruled over Asgard alongside Freyja and Idunn in Odin's absence after the planetary attack by the Serpent.[52] She later ruled Asgardia as a member of the All-Mother Trinity while having Loki serve as an agent of the trinity.

During her tenure, Gaea fell ill due to an unknown aliment affecting her physical form and her mystical garden and Sif took it upon herself to find a cure. While transporting Gaea and her garden to an asteroid space station for quarantine, she encountered Beta Ray Bill who had crashed his ship alongside another into the asteroid. Gaea was found inside the other ship, which turned out to be an ancient ark that collected one of every living creature across the galaxy and was rejuvenated by the variety of life around her. However, the ship combined and reconfigured the Stark technology on the asteroid, mutating Gaea into a monstrous form and attempting to collide with Earth before being convinced by Sif to relent. The ship crashed in Asgardia while fulling rejuvenating Gaea and her garden to their original state once more.[93]

Gaea later left the All-Mother Trinity when the group was disbanded after it was decided that Asgardia would leave Midgard because of the destruction of Broxton. She was ordered to remain on Midgard as it befitted her role as the Earth Mother.[94]

War of the Realms[]

As the War of the Realms ensued Gaea took care of Laussa, until Balder and his team arrived to keep the baby safe from the forces of the Dark Council.[95]

In the aftermath of the war, Gaea attended the coronation of her son into the new All-Father.[96]

After Echo's lost her connection to the Phoenix Force, Thor escorted her to Asgard with pride, presenting her to Gaea and the other All-Mothers with reverence and admiration.[97]

Armageddon Girl[]

Gaea intervened when Lin Li became "Armageddon Girl" and grew furious and evoked all the forces of nature to hold herself against the other mutants, inadvertently killing lemur Armageddon Man in the process.[98] Gaea told her that she looked after all her children and Li hadn't been well since she was affected by Curse's powers. Gaea offered to remove Curse's influence on her, but Lin Li declined, leading Gaia to abandon her and reveal that she had lost her approval.[99]

Unleashing the Utgard Gods[]

Seeing that humanity kept poisoning Earth and were unwilling to change for the better, Gaea was convinced that it was time for the humans to be extinguished. She decided to release her brother Utgard-Loki and his own pantheon from the Utgardhall and have them carry the destruction of the modern world.[66] First of the Elder Gods to be unleashed was Toranos, but was defeated by Thor.[33]

Learning that Gaea had a hand in bringing these malevolent gods to Earth, Thor confronted his mother, demanding to know why she would want to harm the inhabitants of her beloved Earth. Gaea told him how humanity kept destroying all of the flora and fauna, and she was unwilling to let it keep going. Thor implored her to give the humans a chance, and Gaea responded that she already did and that Thor was that chance. She elaborated that if he wished for humanity to keep living then Thor should help them improve, starting with fighting the corrupt company known as Roxxon.[66]

Familiars and Servants[]


Power Grid[106]
:Category:Power Grid/Fighting Skills/Poor:Category:Power Grid/Energy Projection/Virtually Unlimited:Category:Power Grid/Durability/Virtually Indestructible:Category:Power Grid/Speed/Warp:Category:Power Grid/Strength/Incalculable:Category:Power Grid/Intelligence/Omniscient


Gaea possesses great mystical powers of an undefined nature. Gaea can use any number of natural or magical effects as they pertain to the Earth itself.

  • Spiritual Energy Absorption: She can draw on the spiritual energies of all of Earth’s living beings since all of these beings share part of her life essence.[53]
  • Nature Control: She can command the forces of nature on Earth, such as storms and volcanic activity.[53]
  • Earth Bond: Although Gaea's powers may seem similar to many of those of the living planet, Ego, Gaea and Ego are actually two very different kinds of beings. Ego is a planet that has acquired sentience, whereas Gaea is a goddess who has infused her life essence into the living beings of her planet.
  • Curative Healing: Gaea is known to have great powers to heal injured living beings and to cause living beings to grow.[53]
  • Telekinesis: She has considerable telekinetic power and can even levitate Thor’s hammer, which few beings can lift through non-mechanical means.[53] During her meeting with the 4 original Defenders, she was also able to casually dispose of them with a mere hand gesture.
  • Mystic Patron: Gaea can also bestow mystical power upon sorcerers who know how to call upon her for it.[53]
  • Creative Force: Gaea is the embodiment of the spirit of life, growth, harvest, and renewal on Earth.
  • Eyes of the Beholder: Gaea does have a humanoid form, but she generally manifests herself in whatever humanoid form she chooses. Usually, she appears as a young woman with long black hair and blue eyes, but as Jord, she appeared as a young woman with blond hair and blue eyes. It has been suggested that she always appears in the form of however image she was worshiped as by whatever race on earth. So if she appeared before an ethnically diverse group, she would appear in the form of an ethnic image connected to that person such as African to a person of African descent and Asian to a person of Asian descent even simultaneously.
  • Power Bestowment: During Chaos War, Gaea granted Hercules some of her power in order to fight Mikaboshi. That power allowed Hercules to repair the multiversal damage done by Mikaboshi after his entrapment

In any of her humanoid forms, she has:

  • Superhuman Strength: Gaea is incalculably strong but rarely relies on her physical abilities.[53]
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Vitality
  • Virtual Immortality: Gaea is immortal and doesn't age beyond her prime. She is immune to all diseases and cannot be harmed or killed by conventional means.[53]
  • Superhuman Durability: Invulnerability to conventional injury and terrestrial disease.[53] Shown most prominently when she was able to completely ignore an assault from all 4 original Defenders at once.[100]
  • Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak she can communicate in all of the languages of the Nine Realms, Earth's dialects, and various alien languages.


Possesses enormous mystical energies tied to the Earth; commands the forces of nature, sure as storms and volcanic activity; power to heal and make things grow; telekinetic abilities; able to bestow magical powers.


  • Gaea, with her multiple names and aspects, sometimes replace some goddesses who were established as independent deities. It is unknown if she shares the name with them, if they are aspects of her (see bellow), or if they're just other representations of her (divided in legends):
  • Some of her aliases are sometimes defined as aspects of her (rather than simply alternate names), such as Amatsu-Kami Izanami-No-Mikoto[18][19] (also known as Izanami or In).[1]
    • Other aspects include the Red Lord (representing decay and entropy) and the Green Man (Gaea's dark aspect, representing life and birth) of Celtic mythology. Those aspects appear to be independent, opposing each other.[58]
    • In Hinduism, while later being known as Aditi, Gaea's "golden womb" was named Hiranyagarbha.[14]
    • In some cases, Gaea merges with another deity, such as "Nana Buluku", her Vodū merger with Buluku.[28]
    • Among the Akua, Gaea has been named Rangi. That could indicate either that Gaea posed as her own mate, that Rangi spawned from Gaea as an aspect of her, or that some sources confused the male Rangi with the female Papa.[32]
    • Among the Dievas, Gaea is known as Erce,[103][104] but as Ajysyt[1] to the Yakuts (worshipers of the Tenger).[16] Ajysyt is the niece of the Dieva Perun.[103]
  • Despite not having degenerated like her fellow Elder Gods, Gaea is considered (as an Elder God) to be a Demon as well.[60]

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