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Gahck was the leader of the Tribe of Fire, a hunter-gatherer society based in the Savage Land. Wolverine traveled to the Savage Land on the trail of the person behind the assassination attempt on him. While flying over he lost his lighter and the Tribe of Fire found it and believed it to be a gift from the gods. Later Wolverine found the tribe and retrieved his lighter.

Frightened by this outsider, they tried to test him to see if he is a demon or a god. Gahck challenged him to single combat. Gahck was dressed in her combat gear that hid her gender. Gahck put up an impressive fight but Wolverine was able to defeat her.

Gahck then lost her title of leader and offered herself to Logan and in-turn the leadership of the tribe. Wolverine attempted to explain his true origin but she was unable to comprehend his tale. She bedded him and stayed with him during his time with the tribe. He killed a dinosaur bare-handed and then followed the ritual of having war-paint applied to his body.

When Falke's son Chakel was believed to be dead after an attack by the Honker of Doom, Logan tracked down the monster learning that it was a cyborg, a creation of Apocalypse. The mechanical monster captured them both, but Wolverine broke free and destroyed the beast. He then rescued Chakel and used his lighter as a bomb. Wolverine stole a craft and escaped the Savage Land. Later Gahck gave birth to a child. Unbeknownst to Wolverine it was his, a baby boy named Erista.[1]

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