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Gail Collins - mother of Laurie Collins (Wallflower)

Sean Garrison was a handsome and charismatic man. Using his mutant power of empathic pheromone, he manipulate people to get money, fame and women. Gail Collins was one of these women. They married and stayed together until Gail gained immunity to Sean's powers because she was pregnant with his child: Laurie was a second-generation mutant with powers identical to her father's.[1]

Leaving Sean after she learned what had happened, Gail raised Laurie alone. Laurie, following her mother's lead, became a quiet loner. Until one day, on holiday, she suddenly became very popular because her power had emerged. Her mother, realizing this (and immune to her pheromones), tried to talk her down gently - but Laurie, who hadn't realized why she'd suddenly become popular, became scared of what she could do and ended up even more withdrawn than before.[1]

After the Xavier Institute became public, Gail decided to send her there, and moved to Salem Center to stay near her, so that she could have one person whose reactions she could trust. Although Gail insisted Laurie live at the school, to try and make her come out of her shell.[1]

Because Gail lived so close to Xavier's, it was not uncommon for her to stop by to visit Laurie or vice-versa.[2][3]


Baseline human. Due to her pregnancy with Laurie Collins, she has immunity to both Wallflower's and Sean Garrison's empathic pheromone powers.

Strength level

Average Human


Gail requires prescription glasses.

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