Gail Richards was the fiancée of Steven Rogers, also known as Captain America. The two parted in 1942 with Steve Rogers promising to return to Gail.[1]

Gail in the 40s

Unbeknownst to Steve Rogers, Gail and Steve had conceived a son. Following Captain America's last mission and his supposed death, Gail was convinced by the American government to give up her child to the military for supposed safety. In reality, the government trained her son to become like his father. Gail eventually married Steven's close friend from the Second World War James "Bucky" Barnes, and raised a family. With James Barnes she had four children and seven grandchildren.[2]

By the early 21st century, Gail was shocked to learned of her fiancee's survival and youthful preservation, and emotionally refused to be reunited with him.[2] However, a short time later, she and her husband attended the memorial for the victims of the Hulk incident, and they spoke to Steve, rekindling a friendship with him.[3]

After Steve fatally wounded their son, who had grown to become Red Skull, she was given a chance to say goodbye to him in the hospital bed.[4]


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