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Gailyn was the daughter of Paul Bailey and Sara Grey-Bailey, who was the elder sister of Jean Grey. Like her aunt, Gailyn was a mutant.[4][1]


When their house was blown up,[5] Gailyn and Joey were kidnapped by Nanny, who brainwashed them with her "pixie dust" and forced them to forget about their parents. Gailyn and Joey were collectively codenamed Shatter-Box and joined the Lost Boys And Girls.[2]

Living with Grandparents[]

They were rescued by Jean Grey and Cyclops, and then settled with their grandparents in Annandale-on-Hudson.[3][6] Together with their grandparents, Gailyn and Joey were guests at the wedding of Jean and Cyclops.[7]

Some time later Jean and Scott visited the Grey's house, and Cyclops tried to check the children for mutant powers. This angered Jean, who wanted a happy childhood for the children.[6]

After it became clear that Sara died,[8] Julia Grey and Brian Grey become guardians of Gailyn and Joey.[9]

During Operation: Zero Tolerance Gailyn and Joey, were hounded by the Prime Sentinels, but were saved thanks to Nate Grey and Roust.[4]


Gailyn was eventually killed, along with most members of the Greys, by the Shi'ar Death Commandos.[9]



She was stated to be an Epsilon-Beta Class mutant by the Prime Sentinels.[4] It is not known what power she had, and whether she retained them after M-Day.



Formerly Nanny's flying spidership.


  • Their existence was first mentioned when Dark Phoenix read Sara's fears that her children could be mutants like Jean.[10]
  • Gailyn (and therefore Joey as her twin brother) was eleven years old, a year after the death of Jean Grey on the Moon.[11]

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