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The Galactic Council is an intergalactic organization which was created to deal with important matters in the universe.[4] Represented are the races of eight galaxies (those of known space), and other dimensions (e.g. Asgard and the Negative Zone).[2][4] Trials of great importance are conducted via M'ndavian Justice, which the council invokes only in the most important cases. M'ndavian Justice cannot be appealed or questioned.[2]

It consists of an inner council that is made up of the leaders of the major empires and an assembly of representatives from thousands of worlds.[2][11] The inner council is the primary decision-making body in the organization, leading the Galactic Council in war and in enforcing-making policy.[4][11][12] The assembly had over 10,000 representatives by the start of the 21st century and by the Builders' War it had representatives from hundreds of thousands of worlds.[2][11] One of the functions of the assembly is its participation in trials using M'ndavian Justice. Members of the assembly have the right to bring matters to the Intergalactic Council and demand that it be addressed (debated and judged).[2]


War of Kings[]

Consecutively to the Annihilation Wave, the empires met on Ovar and reformed the Galactic Council, as they thought the Annihilation could have been avoided or reduced thanks to the Council. Their first topic was Vulcan's assault on the Z'nox, a fact discovered during the reformation meeting.[3]

A delegation that included a Rigellian, a Kree, two Ovoids, a Rigellian Recorder and another came to Vulcan, asking him to stop his expansion. Vulcan killed all the organic delegates, leaving the Recorder intact so that it could spread his words to the universe.[13]

The Recorder was returned by Ovoids of the Galactic Council to Ronan of the Kree on Hala where the footage of the delegation's massacre was witnessed by Ovoids, Kree and Rigellians.[14] Later, Ronan himself delivered the news of that (added with those of the destruction of Shi'ar Warbirds in Kree space territory).[15]

Realm of Kings[]

After the end of the Kree-Shi'ar War, the former members of the council reunited on Ovar, former seat of the Council, under impulsion of Crystal of the Kree Stellar Empire,[16][17] in order to reform the institution. Those present included Imperator Gladiator}, Ka'ardum and Araki of the Shi'ar Empire, Karnak and Lockjaw for the Kree, as well as other species such as the Rigellians, who asked for safeguards to prevent further Shi'ar aggression, referring to Vulcan's aggression. The reunion was stopped when Kallark left, sick of his new role as Majestor, and wanting to rejoin the Imperial Guard.[17]

The Guardians of the Galaxy attended that event, meeting with Crystal and Blastaar, and protecting it from terrorists. Ensuing the elimination of that threat, Blastaar demanded them to leave, but the demand was dismissed as Groot was presented as Planet X's representative and rightfully allowed to sit at the Council with the Guardians as a delegation.[18]

Returning from the Fault with a specimen from the Cancerverse, Kallark joined a reassembled Galactic Council and managed to unite it against the incoming threat,[19] and an armada was deployed.

After deciding that the Earth needed to be left alone if they wanted to give it an opportunity to grow and become part of their galactic organization, the Galactic Council declared the planet off-limits to extraterrestrial interaction, enforcing a rule that no one was allowed to set foot on Earth soil.[4]


When the Builders started their way to Earth to destroy it they also attacked other planets in their way. Many members of the council and their empires banded together against them. They were also joined by the Avengers who planned to stop them before they arrived at Earth.[20]

After their initial attempt resulted in heavy losses, they regrouped at Ring world, a refugee base, where J'son secretly tried to contact the Builders and offered them Earth for surrendering. However, they tacked his signal and launched a massive attack resulting in many casualties.[21]

After the attack, the Builders started offering many worlds, including the ones in the Council, surrendering, resulting in them occupying many worlds including the Kree empire, which was surrounded and the Spartax, who decided to surrender. To change the situation, Manifold used his powers to transport various Avengers and troops inside the Builders' ships blocking Hala, using their weapons against them, they destroyed Hala's space blocking and liberated the captive Avengers.[22]

By faking surrender, Thor was able to kill the last Builder on Hala, liberating the Kree. However the Supreme Intelligence still believed that there were no possibilities of winning. In retaliation, Ronan attacked him and with the Kree Army and the Accusers rejoined the war.[23]

They had many victories including the liberation of many planets subjugated. When they started losing their advantage, they opened a portal to the Negative Zone from where the Annihilation Wave was unleashed into the enemy fleet, the wave inflict heavy damage, but the Builders were able to access the wave's hive mind and compelled them to eat themselves.

Fortunately, the Gardeners were able to wake Captain Universe, who destroyed the Builders in their command vessel.[24] After all the planets conquered by the Builders were liberated and all the Alephs were defeated, what was left of the council and their armies helped the Avengers liberated Earth, which was conquered by Thanos.[25] In the aftermath, Ronan, the Accusers and the Kree Army were pardoned by the Supreme Intelligence, Gladiator planned to expand the Imperial Guard, the Skrull Empire Fractions joined with the coronation of Kl'rt, and Annihilus managed to reopen the portal from the Negative Zone and establish a foothold on a planet renamed Annihilation World.[26]

Time Runs Out[]

Before the war with the Builders, the Shi'ar discovered that stars began dying. Research was stalled by the conflict, but after, the Science Guild threw itself into research and testing theories. The Guild eventually discovered that it was the work of the Incursions and that the Earth was the center of it. Later, Majestor Kallark went to the Galactic Council and explained the situation, how during the war with the Builders they owed their victory to the Earthlings. However, this debt must now go unpaid, as to save their peoples, they must destroy the Earth to save the universe.[27] Kallark led a massive fleet of Shi'ar ships with back-up from the Annihilation Wave and the Imperial Guard to destroy Earth, but the fleet was destroyed by Iron Man's Sol's Hammer killing Kallark and the Imperial Guard.[28]

Post-Multiversal Renewal[]

The council returned as the Intergalactic Council, and an emergency session was convened after the arrest of the Eridani delegation aboard the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station due to suspicion of sabotage.[1]

At the time when the Chitauri were attacking Earth and most of its heroes are trapped outside the Planetary Defense Shield, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot met with the Galactic Council in order to brief them on the situation on Earth and ask them for help. The members of the Galactic Council reacted differently to this and attacked Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot enough for them to retreat.[29]


Following the formation of a Kree/Skrull alliance, the Galactic Council convened at a new space station called the Proscenium built specifically to serve as an intergalactic neutral ground in order to review galactic treaties.[30] The meeting was infiltrated by the Elder of the Universe called the Profiteer using an image-inducer to pose as a Sisterhood of Badoon ambassador named Lani Ko Ako. She murderer Zn'rx representative Stote to spark a war of succession.[31] Utopian Kree representative Noh-Varr found the body and was framed.[30]

As Rocket Raccoon investigated the murder, Chitauri representative Peacebringer triggered a self-detonation process to kill everybody. After Rocket Raccoon figured out Lani Ko Ako was the murderer and exposed her as the Profiteer, the Galactic Council received news of Knull's starfaring bloodthirsty rampage. Realizing that the different empires would have to recover from it otherwise they wouldn't be able to buy weapons from her, the Profiteer teleported herself and Peacebringer away from the station to save the Galactic Council.[31]


When Groot transformed into the cosmic being known as Grootfall and conquered the entire Manifold Territories, the Council believed he had killed all of the inhabitants and sought to stop him. However, Emperor Hulkling and his husband later found that Groot hadn't turned evil, and in fact he, alongside the Guardians, was now preserving the territories and its inhabitants. At Groot's request, Hulkling attempted to convince the Council members to not interfere with the territories, which had been rechristened as Grootspace, but Empress Victoria and the majority of the Council were unconvinced, and were determined to bring down Groot.[32]

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