Quote1 Foolish creatures, to come between Galactus and his meal! Quote2
-- Galactus src

Galactus, not satisfied with the meteors he had been devouring, sent the Silver Surfer to find him something more filling. The Surfer found Earth, but was shot out of the sky, causing him to drop Cosmic Bricks all over the planet.

Galactus slowly approached the Earth, before finally reaching it. However, when Loki deceived Doctor Doom, he used the Tesseract to turn Doom's "Doom Ray" into a massive mind control device. Loki used the device to take control of Galactus, having him destroy both Earth and Asgard in an act of revenge. Galactus was stopped when Earth's heroes and villains united and knocked him into a black hole.[1]


Seemingly those of the Galactus of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Galactus of Earth-616.

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