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Quote1 You dare-- threaten-- the world-- devourer-- You will-- you-- will come to regret your actions. NO MORTAL INSECTS CAN THREATEN GALACTUS! Quote2

Little is detailed about Galactus’ life before he arrived to consume Earth-2149, which was infected by the zombie plague; however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as Galactus from Earth-616.

Galactus appears in "classic" form and asks the Marvel Zombies about the whereabouts of his herald Silver Surfer, who he had sent to Earth so he could devour it, and is shocked to discover the Silver Surfer had recently been consumed by the undead heroes and acquired portions of his Power Cosmic. In his rage Galactus battles the zombies, who in turn realise they might stand a chance due to their Power Cosmic. Despite their new powers the zombies are no match against the more powerful Galactus and they are forced to retreat while he prepares to devour the planet. Later on when the zombies return to fight Galactus again they see him fighting off many other zombies. Using this as a distraction they augment their Power Cosmic with the help of some advanced technology, and manage to stagger and ultimately knock Galactus unconscious and consume Galactus, thus absorbing his powers and becoming his "successors", later traveling to different planets for sustenance.[1]


Seemingly those of Galactus of Earth-616.


Apparent Physical Body: Galactus was attacked and thus consumed by cosmic imbued zombies. This would suggest he possesses flesh.[2]

  • After the zombies eat his flesh, they had absorbed his cosmic powers. However, his Earth-Z counterpart was eaten too; but his flesh didn't gave them any cosmic powers.

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