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It is unknown how much of the past history of Galactus of Earth-774 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart as he has been depicted as being able to hunt down and consume planets without the aid of a Herald like in most other realities, suggesting that perhaps this reality's version of Galactus does not require the aid of a Herald. However the circumstances behind this remain unrevealed.

In this reality Bruce Banner would retain his intelligence when in his Hulk form resulting in a chain of events that would see the Fantastic Four disband, and prevent the formation of groups such as the Avengers or the X-Men, leaving the fate of the world left to the combined efforts of Reed Richards, Bruce Banner and Charles Xavier. All three men would oppose Galactus and find their their individual powers would prove no match against the world devourer. In order to stop Galactus they would use their Psychotron device that would merge the three men into a single being dubbed the X-Man. The X-Man's superior mental powers would prove to make him an even match against Galactus. Finding their battle too exhaustive of his remaining energies Galactus would opt to leave the Earth to find a world that would offer less resistance and depart[1].

The current activities of Galactus remain unrevealed.


Previously the same as Galactus of 616

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