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Galactus shared a similar history to his Prime universe counterpart until Terrax's judgement by Galactus. Here, Galactus decided against sparing Terrax for his rebellion and banished him to the black hole for eternity. Galactus then made Dazzler his new herald, to spare the Earth from his hunger. In the ensuing centuries, Dazzler deliberately steered her master to worlds uninhabited by sentient life, she even manages to return a sense of sentimentality to him that comes out when he subtly rejects a world inhabited by sentient plants that she accidentally summoned him to.

When a group of aliens whose worlds were consumed by Galactus made use of the Terrax's Axe to make a cosmic weapon that nearly fatally injured Dazzler, Galactus reacted vengefully and wiped out the armada. When Dazzler recovered, she refused to help him any more Galactus granted her freedom. She immediately returned to Earth, but finds it long-since desolated by some apocalyptic war. Realizing she has nowhere else to go after so much time, she decided to return to Galactus.[1]


Seemingly those of Galactus (Earth-616)#Powers.

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