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When Captain America died and became a star Galactus planned on using him to transcend his hunger. Galactus gathered great stores of energy as well as gods and artifacts which he planned to use to create a new universe where he would ascend and be free his hunger, using the detonation of the Earth combined with the power he had captured and the implosion of the Captain America star to initiate a new Big Bang. He was ultimately defeated by Spider-Girl, American Dream and Stinger and then merged with the Silver Surfer becoming a builder of worlds and guardian of life instead of a destroyer.

Galactus Silver Surfer Hybrid Being

Galactus and the Surfer merged as one with a new mission


See: Galactus (Earth-616)#Powers

Power Essential Once merged with the Silver Surfer he gained this power, seemingly an even more powerful version of the Power Cosmic which allowed him to reverse cataclysmic damage done to Manhattan and heal those who were injured. He stated he would use this power to bring life to dead worlds.[4]

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