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A super dense cosmic heart that will give birth to the next universe to come. Created by Eternity before the recording of time and discovered by Bor First King of the Asgardians with his sons Odin, Vili, and Ve. Upon its discovery Bor planted the seed thus giving birth to the current universe as we know it. In addition to the seed birthing the World Tree over which the nine realms hang.[citation needed]

Siege Aftermath[]

Upon Asgard's destruction over Broxton and the splitting of the world tree, Odin orders Thor and Sif to retrieve the seed from it's depths. Odin is later seen trying to commune with the seed to avert a impending prophecy concerning the Asgardians. Placing it for safe keeping within the Destroyer Armor thus powering the suit immensely with its incalculable power. The Silver Surfer arrives that same day demanding the seed, on behalf of Galactus which according to the Silver Surfer will sate his hunger forever.[citation needed]

Prompting Odin to rebuff the Surfer who warns the Asgardians that Galactus will come for them. Odin thereafter explains to Thor the seed's design to birth the next universe and of Galan's attempt to stall that future which would see his destruction forever.[citation needed]

Galactus and Silver Surfer fought with Asgardians, whereas Loki sought the help of the Weird Sisters to save his brother and Asgard. He stole the Seed and went with him down the World Tree, hiding it from everyone, even himself.[citation needed]

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