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Quote1.png Galaktus is a universal constant. He must be there at the end of each universe. But because of this world, the universes are dying too soon. So we will unmoor our universe by killing this world. Quote2.png
Terrax the Truly Enlightened[src]


When his universe experienced an incursion with Earth-616 Galaktus travelled to Earth, with his Herald Terrax the Truly Enlightened, in order to destroy the planet, and thus save his universe and prevent it from experiencing any further incursions.

Galaktus' energy manipulation

The Illuminati came to this reality in order to destroy its Earth to save their own but wished to save as many civilians as possible, causing them to try and stop Galaktus, only to be stopped by Terrax, whom they defeated and captured before retreating.[1]

The Earth was destroyed by Galaktus and his universe was saved.[2]



Seemingly those of the Galan of Earth-616.



Weapon-destroyed device

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