Galactus was colossal giant that cared about no form of life but his own. The only thought that consumed him was how to end the hunger, and the constant search for new planets to devour. In an attempt to save his planet, Norrin Radd made a deal with the giant, offering to serve Galactus as his herald. Galactus, tired of searching, agreed. Granting Norrin with the Power Cosmic and wiping his memory, Norrin became The Silver Surfer, and searched for new worlds for Galactus to devour. Upon reaching a planet called Earth, The Surfer pleaded with his master not to destroy it, after meeting Alicia Masters and seeing all the good that the people of Earth stood for. After Reed Richards stole the Ultimate Nullifier and threatened to destroy Galactus, he vowed never to try and feast on Earth again.[1]

After Ego the Living Planet attempted to destroy Earth, The Fantastic Four found themselves helpless to save their world, and pleaded with Galactus to help them. Galactus suggested a trade. He would help them, but only if Reed lifted the embargo he placed upon Earth the last time they met. A reluctant Reed agreed.[2]

When Galactus later returned, he was made to see the evil his feasting had caused by The Ghost Rider, and Reed Richards saved his life. The two parted as friends, and Galactus vowed to leave Earth alone once again.[3]


Seemingly those of the Galan of Earth-616.


He is vulnerable to Ghost Rider's penance stare, unlike his Earth-616 counterpart.[3]

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