A World-Devourer, Galactus sent his herald Terrax to Earth to prepare it. On their way to Earth, Terrax and Galactus came across a Skrull scoutship which Terrax destroyed. This caused the Skrulls to flee from the Earth they conquered a century ago. After Terrax was killed by the Earth's heroes,[1] Galactus arrived and Earth's superheroes watched in awe as he started to assemble his machinery that he wanted to use to consume their planet. To keep his machine and himself out of harm, Galactus set up an impenetrable force field. During the attack, the Captain and a group of other heroes had found a hole below the force field and snuck in an attempt to battle Galactus, yet they were no match. Annoyed by them trying to damage his machine, Galactus disposed of the entire group with one look, much to the horror of the observers in the command central.

Next up was an attack of Mole Man and his subterranean creatures. It took them long hours, but they brought a giant bomb underneath Galactus' spot. As Harvey caused it to explode, the ground beneath Galactus and his machine gave in and fell into a crater. With the force field down, and Galactus climbing out of the crater, Blink gave the order to attack. Led by the Exiles, Earth's heroes closed in.

The Thing, Colossus, and the Banner Beast combined their strength, while Sunfire, Johnny Storm, and Ororo Munroe attacked from the air. Usually Galactus' herald would deal with such attacks, but the master proved that he could deal with it too, and the heroes were sent flying. Havok, Cyclops, and Mimic used their long-range energy blasts to fire Galactus in the back, and the Skrull technology fired another beam, making Galactus tumble and fall. At that moment, the heroes decided it was time to use the device from the Skrull's weapons arsenal, an antimatter bomb. The Banner Beast wanted to explode it next to Galactus, but before he could even get near him, he was knocked out by a wave of Galactus' hand.

Thunderbird witnessed and instantly know that it was up to him, as other strong heroes like the Thing, Colossus, or the Abomination were too far away, and the chance to injure Galactus while he was weak would be gone. He grabbed the bomb and transformed into full battle mode. As he jumped onto the World Devourer, he thought of his father, his brother, and his entire race. Thunderbird punched a hole into the the mighty foe's armor and placed the bomb inside. His last thought was of Talia as the device went off. The anti-matter triggered a chain reaction and energy within Galactus and he himself was consumed. Being felt with a new level agony Galactus never endured before and realized that there are other worlds in the universe that he could consume with less trouble, Galactus then immediately teleported away. Earth's heroes approached the battle site and found Thunderbird in a state of either being brain dead or in a coma.[2]


Seemingly those of the Galan of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Galan of Earth-616.


Seemingly that of the Galan of Earth-616.

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