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Galactus was going to eat planet Zarax, home of the alien sorcerer Zoloz, who was sent to Earth by the Grand Council of Mages to find the Sorcerer Supreme, but Zoloz attacked Doctor Strange and stole his magic energies to attack personally Galactus and exile him in the magic dimensions[2]. Strange went where was Galactus and tried to stop him, but their fight was interrupted by the Beast of Pain whose energies was eaten by the Devourer of worlds; at that point Galactus wanted to eat a magic world, but Doctor Strange and Clea teleported him away.[3]

Becoming a magic being

Later, Doctor Strange learnt by Umar that Galactus stopped himself, so he went with Clea to meet the devourer who felt bad because of his magic-based "diet", but he accepted Doctor Strange as his herald to find a planet to satisfy his hunger. Strange found an ideal planet with the help of a magic being known as Ykolon, but when Galactus started eating that planet he was transformed into a magic being part of a Dormammu and Mephisto's plan in order to make Galactus become Dormammu's herald, unfortunately the giat refused his new role and ate the Faltine after defeated Doctor Strange.[1]

Galactus kills the Marvel Universe

While Clea and Umar created a magic beings' alliance, Doctor Strange was asking for help Earth's sorcerers when Zoloz appeared alongside many superheroes. Together they attacked Galactus, but the Devourer killed all of them including his ex-heralds Silver Surfer, Air-Walker and Firelord, absorbing their energies and reaching the critical mass; at that point Doctor Strange used a magic weapon in order to free all of what Galactus had eaten, but it didn't work and Strange accidentally destroyied the universe.[4]



Seemingly those of the Galan of Earth-616. Powered by the mystic energy, Galactus could absorb life energy of anyone, killing the latter in the process.


Absorbing more mystic and life energy, Galactus could reach critical mass.

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