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Not much is known about the formation of the Galaxy organization. It is a united federation of planets that unifies the planets primarily in the Sol system of Earth-5106, a universe where space travel and exploration blossomed in the 1950s and sentient life exists on most planets in the Sol system. It is said that Galaxy was the successor to the United Nations. By the year 2000 it Galaxy's headquarters is located on Earth in Washington D.C. and it is run by Chief Bennett "Blast" Revere a former test pilot. Galaxy also governs the Space Squadron a peacekeeping force charged with defending the solar system and known space from any threat that might jeopardize any of the planets within the federation[1].

Delegates to Galaxy include Mercurian ruler Mer-King[2] and Unal of the Moonmen who live on Earth's moon[3]. Other delegates whose identities are unknown represent the Martians of Mars[1], the Fish-Men of Neptune, the Insect-Men who also live on Earth's moon, the Saturnians, the Plutonians of Pluto[2] as well as the Gator-Men of the planet Fulvius[3].

2000 AD

The year 2000 AD is the only time in history where any records of Galaxy's activities are recorded. A delegation of Galaxy rockets were threatened with destruction by the mad scientist Tombalo who created a deadly "Electro-Arc" device that created powerful disintegrating force fields in space. The crisis was averted thanks to the newly appointed Space Squadron field-commander Jet Dixon. When the Martian warrior tribe VBDN came to Earth to learn how to live in peace their leader Mxxptrm briefly absconded with the delegates of Galaxy and Chief Revere's daughter Dawn until they could be convinced to shed their barbarian natures[1][4]. When an unknown force was causing the Mercurians to revert to their evil natures, Mercurian leader Mer-King came to Galaxy for assistance. While Chief Revere sent the Space Squadron to solve the problem, Bennett's son Edgar attempted to convince the other members of Galaxy to go to war against Mercury. Bennett and his daughter Dawn kept the peace until the Space Squadron returned from their mission[2][5].

Moonman ruler Unal later hosted the 2000 AD Olympics on the moon, inviting representatives of the united planets to participate. His nephew Drago and niece Ura illegally used their hypnotic powers to try and influence Jet Dixon to lose the rocket race in the hopes it would discredit Earth's dominance on the Galaxy council and prompt war, however this effort was thwarted by Space Squadron science office LLA 38. Shortly thereafter, the intergalactic criminal known as Boz used his tentacles to take the entire Galaxy council hostage until he was killed battling the Space Squadron[3][6].



Most delegates travel by rocket ship.

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