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Quote1 We are the Shield. We protect humanity from the known and unknown. We are a safeguard against the things that would stop us from becoming what we are supposed to be. I am Galileo Galilei. Some men call me will call me brother. Quote2
Galileo Galilei[src]

Galileo Galilei was a 16th century Italian astronomer, physicist, and engineer. He was the leader of the Brotherhood of the Shield after Leonardo da Vinci, until he was murdered by Isaac Newton. He was known for repelling Galactus.[1]



Galileo and Galactus

Galileo Galilei was recruited into the Brotherhood of the Shield. In 1582, he collaborated with Michelangelo to defeat Galactus and an unknown herald; he built a device that harnessed the power of the Brotherhood, but it cost two thirds of the Brotherhood. Its success gave rise to the "Greater Science." In 1642, Galileo was killed by his protégé, Isaac Newton, who supplanted him as the Shield's Patriarch.[1]


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