Galin was the fourth Guardsman to bear the Smasher mantle. He was part of the Guard that attacked the Inhuman Royal Family as they attended the funeral for Lilandra on Chandilar, saying their rule was not legitimate without the body of Emperor Vulcan.

Swiftly beaten by Medusa, the fight was then stopped by Gladiator, angry over the two groups fighting at the funeral. When Crystal persuaded Gladiator to take the scepter of rule, Smasher was among the Guardsmen who then knelt before him.[1]

Galin was replaced by the disguised Raptor, Talon, before the Guard's mission to the Fault.[2]

Galin later died fighting what appeared to be an invasion into Shi'ar space, leaving an opening for the human Izzy Kane, who became the first human member of the Imperial Guard.[3]



  • Exospex: An example of advanced Shi'ar technology, these special goggles enabled the user to download additional superhuman powers, but only one at a time.
  • Flight Patches: The Smasher suit has anti-gravity "flight patches" that enabled the wearer to fly. Flight patches are standard issue for Imperial Guardsmen who lack the power of flight.the power of flight.

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