Members from a top-secret program of KGB attempted to recreate the perfect super-being with an experiment called "Samy Siylny Pahuk", which would be an even more perfect and invincible Black Widow. They used combined DNA of the original Black Widow, as well as the a radioactive spider from Parker's stolen work in order to grant their subject, Galina Tsarfin, near genetic perfection. But she still failed to meet all of the sciencists's outlandish expectations.

Their next step involved impregnating Tsarfin with DNA stolen from Spider-Man. This procedure nearly guaranteed that their offspring would be everything the scentist hoped for and more.

Surprisingly, like a true spider, the experiment caused Tsarfin to give birth to not one genetically advance child, but 123. Subsequently, like a black widow, she viciously slaughtered the scientists responsible for her impregnation. The KGB scientists still wait for the children to demonstrate powers, to know if they must go back on work.


Expected those of Natalia Romanova and Peter Parker, but for now, no powers have been demonstrated among the childrens.

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