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The Son of Thanos, Gallowglass was tasked in recovering Halcyon's most powerful Seedling, Tesseract, who was being used as a living weapon by Thanos. When Seed Nineteen escaped with Tesseract to New York City, Gallowglass and his task force tracked their way to the city and himself initially slaughtered the city's police force and it's SWAT team with a single blast of his power. After leaving a path of devastation, Gallowglass eventually find Tesseract in Central Park in which the Seedling hero, who was mind controlled previously, give away his location. Having recovered Tesseract and subduing Vykni, Gallowglass returns to a nearest Acheron ship, the Redeemer. However, Seed Nineteen and the Fantastic Four followed him back to the Redeemer.

Though Gallowglass and his forces easily defeats both Seed Nineteen and the Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, the Invisible Woman with help from Dreamcatcher defeated him by nullifying his force-field that contained his volatile star-matter body, causing him to explode and in the process destroying the Redeemer in a spectacular explosion. Gallowglass may have perished from his self-detonation.[1]


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Gallowglass, son of Thanos and Commander of the Acheron forces, is a being formed from neutron-degenerate matter, the substance which exists only in the heart of suns. This neutron-degenerate matter makes his body very dense and gives him incredible strength. The molecules of his body are very unstable which is why he has a personal force field active at all times. When he lowers his force field he becomes spectacularly explosive.


When his molecules so much as touch the atmosphere, they cause a huge explosion which was shown to level a city block in under a second. Gallowglass was able to break through Invisible Woman's force field which was protecting the Ultimate Fantastic Four's spaceship, just by making contact with the spaceship he dissolved Invisible Woman (Ultimate)'s force field and destroyed their spaceship, all at once, which caused Sue a tremendous amount of pain.


Without his personal force field Gallowglass' volatile molecules will be uncontrollable for him to maintain and causing him to explode. Invisible Woman was able to dissolve his force field using her own, the same way Gallowglass was able to dissolve Sue's force field by making contact with her's.



He carries a sword, however it has not been shown in use nor if it has special properties/abilities.

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