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  • Gambit (Remy LeBeau) (First appearance)

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The plot of this film is unknown.


Additionally, Lizzy Caplan has been cast as the film's female lead.[2]


  • Rupert Wyatt was originally the director attached to the film, but he was forced to depart after delayed production caused scheduling conflicts with his filming schedule.[3] Wyatt had already cast actress Léa Seydoux as the female lead, but she apparently departed the project alongside Wyatt. By the end of 2015, Doug Liman was hired to replace Wyatt.[4] 20th Century Fox removed Gambit from its October 2016 release date to focus on rewriting the script.[5] Liman left the project when a suitable script wasn't delivered on time.[6] In October 2017, Gore Verbinski was brought on as the project's new director, and its release date was set for February 14, 2019.[1] However, in January 2018, Verbinski left the project due to scheduling issues,[7] and the film was pushed back to June 7, 2019.[8] This film was later pushed back again to March 7, 2020, with Dark Phoenix taking its release date.[9]


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