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Contains : X-Force (1991) #98 , Gambit (1999) #11-12 , Cable (1993) #74

Daredevil wants the synthetic organ meant for a judge that has been stolen from the hospital by Constrictor; Constrictor has taken the synthetic organ for an old mob boss who needs it to live and is holding a woman Constrictor loves as a hostage; Gambit wants the adamantium in Constrictor's coils to heal the dying Sabretooth; Mayhem ensues.

Solicit Synopsis

Guest-starring Daredevil! One's a thief. One's a mercenary. One's a man without fear. What could possibly bring Gambit, the Constrictor and Daredevil into conflict -- and what does it mean for the X-Man known as Wolverine?!

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