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Synopsis for "Destined to Repeat It"

Contains : X-Force (1991) #94,95 , Mutant X (1998) #10 , Gambit (1999) #08

The X-Men have been disbanded and Gambit sneaks into X-Mansion to steal info on what Xavier is really up to; Gambit has an audience with New Son; In order to decipher the contents of the disc he has stolen, Gambit decides to look up Mr. Sinister and tracks down Scalphunter to help him find the villain; Scalphunter sends him on to Sabretooth but Gambit finds his old foe languishing at death's door.

Solicit Synopsis

  • With the lives of the Ninan and her fellow Mannites hanging in the balance, Remy must seek out the help of the mad genius known as Sinister! But first he must go through the psychotic killer called Sabretooth!


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