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Synopsis for "To Thine Own Self Be True"

Sabretooth has been wounded far beyond the point where his healing factor can deal with it and agrees to help Gambit track down Mr. Sinister; They sneak into Sinister's underground lair and find the Marauders lying in wait; After the Marauders are dispatched, Sinister shows up and, uncharacteristically, decides to be helpful; He gives Remy a vial of healing factor to heal Sabretooth and a dart to inject into Xavier to make sure he is really himself; All they have to give him in return is genetic material from the Courier, a mutant so powerful Sinister can't even tell that he is homo superior.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The ragin' Cajun finds Sabretooth - but not nearly in the shape he expected! What could possibly have done this to Marvel's most dangerous mutant - and why is Scalphunter trying to kill them both?!


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