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Synopsis for "Thieves’ World"

A jewel heist takes place in New Orleans, the culprit being a super-powered individual calling himself Bandit. Detective Noreen Tanaka sincerely hopes the security guard she’s interrogating is mistaken. Her vendetta against Gambit has barely gotten started. She is told to take a personal day by the captain, and returns home. She opens her door to a living room filled with photographs of Remy LeBeau. Meanwhile, Remy is out to steal a gun used in the civil war, which has on it a key to stolen gold. When he arrives at the museum, he finds Bandit has gotten there before him. The two men fight, before Belladonna arrives and breaks it up. She explains that Bandit is her boyfriend. They quickly escape from the museum and head to a café, where he and Belladonna chat, after Remy removes the firing pin key from the gun before Bandit can discover its true value. They chat amiably, and Belladonna has hopes that he and Bandit can become friends. Elsewhere, Detective Tanaka volunteers herself and her partner for a babysitting job, watching over a truck filled with seized A.I.M. weaponry. She murders her partner, before heading to the warehouse district. There, Bandit is trying to rally the guild members to his cause. He wants Gambit dead, so he can continue his own good work leading the guilds. They are quite unwilling to go after Remy, as they’ve failed before. Suddenly, Tanaka crashes the party with the truck, and offers them its contents.

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