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Synopsis for "Girl Trouble"

Rogue’s arrival prompts a brief scuffle between her and Joelle, which Gambit enjoys. Rogue is upset by the trouble he’s gotten into recently, and tells him to be careful of Joelle, as her own memory-absorbing powers did not work against her, so she must be keeping secrets.

Meanwhile, Tombstone’s men find the secret Hydra base and he orders them to find and kill Gambit and Joelle. He spares Fence’s life on the condition that Fence tell him everything he can discover about Joelle. Fence discovers that she is far older than she appears. He refuses to search for information about her alleged daughter, however, which causes Tombstone to drive a knife into his hand.

As Rogue and Gambit talk privately about Joelle, Tombstone’s men finally catch up with them, descending upon them with jetpacks from a helicopter. Rogue absorbs Gambit’s powers and they both fling explosive cards at the goons, trying to fight their way to the Avengers Quinjet that Rogue arrived in. But Joelle steals the ship and flies away, telling Gambit he really knows how to make a girl feel special.

As the men fire on Rogue, Gambit leaps atop one of the men and takes him down, preventing them from pursuing Joelle. When he and Rogue defeat the other goons, she is upset that he let Joelle get away. She touches one of the unconscious guards to absorb his ability to fly their helicopter, and also the knowledge that the serum they just stole is a doomsday weapon. Gambit is surprised to hear this.

Later, Joelle infiltrates a hospital to visit her daughter, who is revealed to be an old lady. She says she couldn’t find anything that would save her life, but she can us the serum they find to die with her. Then Tombstone appears behind her, takes the serum from her, and slashes her throat.

Solicit Synopsis

• Desperate to learn the lady thief’s secret, Gambit joins Joelle on a heist that may even be too much for him to handle…especially when the villainous Tombstone gets involved! • And when Gambit’s in over his head, who will answer his call for help? Here’s a hint: She’s the feisty, green-clad, roguish Uncanny Avenger featured on the cover! And she may just have an opinion of her own on Gambit’s extracurricular activities…

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