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Having discovered her location thanks to Fence, Gambit dons his classic costume and visits the Club With No Name to find Joelle. He rebuffs Rogue's attempts to talk to him on the phone and enters the club. Amid a slew of partying supervillains, he tells Joelle to be careful on the path she’s going down, but she tells him to leave her alone. She meets with Tombstone who pays her (in miniature dollars, with a promise to supply the Pym particles on delivery) for access to a thumb drive containingh plans for a Hydra weapon. Gambit steals a series of small items and plants them on her, thus framing her and turning the partygoers against her. He handcuffs her to him so she can’t escape and they are forced to fight. He charges up and explodes Ruby Thursday's cybernetic head as a diversion and barricades them in the vault with Tombstone, whom he attacks with charged playing cards. He charges a chair and blows a hole through the wall to escape with Joelle into a waiting cab. Tombstone says he didn’t care that Gambit stole the girl but the thumbdrive was a different matter, and vows revenge. Later Gambit interrogates Joelle about the reasons for her criminal activities, and Joelle says she has a daughter who is dying.

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