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The origins of the Gambler are unknown. By 1948 he had established himself as a high stakes gambler, and after losing far too many card games decided to place wagers on brilliant criminal schemes of his own devising.

When the Human Torch and Toro captured Big Jim Caffery and members of his gang, the Gambler wagered with those still free that he could free Big Jim by noon the following day for a hundred grand. Surprisingly, the Gambler was able to pull this off by bribing a doctor into convincing prison staff that Caffery was infected with Asiatic Cholera and smuggled him out of the prison while they were fooled into quarantine. However, this stunt had renewed the Torch and Toro's manhunt for Big Jim.

The Gambler then wagered with Big Jim that he could help them rob the Famer's Bank, a bank that claimed to be burgler proof. To this end, the Gambler used a voice throwing device to trick the bank manager into believing that someone was trapped inside the safe. When the manager opened the vault, Big Jim and his men stormed the bank and attempted to rob it. However, the Human Torch and Toro managed to track the gang down and once more apprehended Big Jim. In the commotion, the Gambler and Big Jim's girl managed to flee the scene and retreat to an old river boat.

From there, he wagered his biggest gamble ever: The death of the Human Torch and Toro. He allowed information about his location to be leaked to the heroes in order to lure them into a trap. When the two flaming heroes arrived at the boat, they were doused with a knock out gas that also snuffed out their flames. However, before the Gambler could eliminate the Torch, the gas seeped out of the room when Big Jim's girl entered, giving the Torch enough time to recover. The hero then easily knocked out the Gambler and revived Toro. The Gambler also revived, and preferring death over prison set off a roulette wheel rigged with explosives. While the Torch and Toro fled with the girl, the ship exploded killing the Gambler in the blast.



The Gambler briefly used a device that could throw his voice.


The Gambler had access to fire arms, explosives, and a knock out gas that could douse the Human Torch and Toro's flames.

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