As part of their ongoing mission to destroy the Hulk, the clandestine Shadow Base used genetic material recovered from the Abomination to create a shell-like "suit" of gamma-activated tissue which was forcibly bonded to the corpse of Rick Jones.[3]

The Hulk eventually tore the tissue off Rick following an intense battle between the two of them and was taken by Gamma Flight for further study. Shadow Base commander Gen. Reginald Fortean personally invaded the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station and stole it back. Upon returning to Site B, the tissue suddenly sprang to life and enveloped Fortean, bonding with him.[4]



Reginald Fortean (Earth-616) from Immortal Hulk Vol 1 22 001

Gen. Fortean bonded with the Gamma-Activated Tissue

The tissue greatly resembled the Emil Blonsky's Abomination form, the only noticeable difference being the head is comprised of rows of finger-like mandibles. The wearer retains their human face behind the mandibles.

The tissue gives the wearer super strength, as well as the ability to vomit a corrosive stomach acid powerful enough to negate the Hulk's healing factor.[5][6]


  • This Tissue works similar to the symbiotes.

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