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Prof. Gamma before his transformation

Professor Gamma was a criminal scientist wanted for crimes for against the world. The Fantastic Four entered Gamma's base on Island X in an attempt to apprehend him, but he had already fled after being mutated into a amphibious creature from radiation that was released from one of his nuclear warheads. After a fight with the Human Torch, Gamma (now going by the name Gamma Ray) mutated a whale into the creature Giganto and sent it at New York City. Fortunately, the Fantastic Four were able to stop Gamma Ray and Giganto and save New York City.[1]


Radiation from a nuclear weapon mutated Professor Gamma into a fish-like creatures, allowing him to breathe and maneuver while underwater.


Gamma is a brilliant scientist, capable of transforming a whale into a monster.


Formerly a stockpile of nuclear weapons

  • Gamma Ray is of course meant to be a stand-in for Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Due to the Grantray-Lawrence studio (who animated the 1966 Sub-Mariner animated show) still owning the rights to the character, Gamma Ray was crated as a replacement for Namor in an adaptation of the main plotline from Fantastic Four #4.

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