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The old Hulkbusters Headquarters. Originally a New Mexico base dedicated to the Hulk's capture and named Project Greenskin Base,[1] it also could hold other gamma-powered superhumans. The base later relocated to Nevada, and was acquired by Operation: Zero Tolerance.

General "Thunderbolt" Ross was the orginal founder and leader of "Project Greenskin". The base was re-named Hulkbuster Base and Ross was eventually replaced by Colonel John J. Armbruster.[2] Months later, Armbruster perished in the line of duty. Hulkbuster Base was then given direction by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Clay Quartermain was assigned as liason.[3] Shortly thereafter, Hulkbuster Base was re-named Gamma Base.[4]

Gamma Base became Ross' headquarters once more as the Red Hulk when he was recruited by Steve Rogers, who had replaced Norman Osborn. Gamma Base was staffed entirely by Life Model Decoys. One in particular, Annie, became very close to Ross.



  • Initially the base was known as Project Greenskin, later known as Hulkbuster Base. Its name was changed to Gamma Base in Incredible Hulk #198. Soldiers on the base wore special shoulder patches indicating that they were Hulkbusters.
  • The New Mexico base has sometimes been referred to as Hulk Buster Base #1 perhaps indicating that their are other Hulk Buster bases in operation in other locales.

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