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After the success of the first Gamma Corps, Norman Osborn ordered General John Ryker to create a new Gamma Corps, composed of female "volunteers". These so-called volunteers were all mentally unstable ex-soldiers waiting on death row. The trio were taken to the Origins Corporation to be used in their gene therapy program. General Ryker then sent the team to capture the Lyra the new She-Hulk, so they can harvest her DNA.

They the trio attacked and killed Lyra's fellow A.R.M.O.R. agents and took her personal computer, Boudicca, which drove her to hunt them down, first killing Morass by drying out her Glob-like body.

The pair headed for a small nearby town, attempting to hold the people hostage in order to make Lyra surrender. In the battle Lyra badly hurts Aberration, causing her body to mutate into a tumorous mess, and then kills her with a metal pipe through the head. Axon then threatened to electrocute the whole town unless Lyra surrendered.

Axon absorbed most of Lyra's bio-electric energy, absorbing her powers. Lyra then made Axon angry, causing the stolen powers to weaken. Axon was then killed remotely by General Ryker's troops.

Gamma Corps: Black

  • Aberration - (Private Rana Philips), is an Abomination / human experiment, similar to the original Gamma Corps member Mess. Philips was a more slender female version of the original Abomination. Private Philips was incarcerated as her commanding officer used her as a scapegoat as he tortured prisoners of war, leading her to kill him. Private Philips was sentenced to death, leaving her nothing to lose being altered by Ryker's experiment.
  • Morass - (Name Unrevealed), is an Glob / human experiment. The unnamed woman was given the abilities of the original Glob, she appeared look like more slender female version of the original Glob. Morass was arrested due to unknown reasons. Moras was sentenced to death, leaving her nothing to lose by being altered by the Origins Corporation gene therapy program.
  • Axon - (Staff Sergeant Erin Cicero), is an Zzzax / human experiment. Staff Sergeant Cicero was a more slender female version of the original Zzzax. After being the sole-survivor of her squad from an insurgent ambush in Symkaria, she suffered Post-traumatic stress disorder, leaving her paranoid. Cicero believed everyone around her was an enemy, leading her to kill her own family and three police officers. Cicero was sentenced to death, leaving her nothing to lose being altered by Ryker's experiment. Axon is the most vicious of the trio as she attacked and electrocuted a wounded A.R.M.O.R. agent just for fun.

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