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After the Avengers apprehended the Hulk on behalf of General Fortean of the U.S. Hulk Operations and delivered him to the authorities, the green monster disappeared without a trace, having been confined to the covert Shadow Base Site A. Concerned by the vanishing of Bruce Banner, Avengers member and Alpha Flight commander Captain Marvel decided to form a task force headed by the depowered Walter Langkowski to locate him, this team became known as Gamma Flight,[1] and it was initially comprised of Langkowski and Puck.[2]

Together with reporter Jackie McGee, Gamma Flight approached the Hulk when his energy signature was detected in Los Diablos Missile Base, where he was fighting the Absorbing Man, who had become possessed by the spirit of Brian Banner, who was in turn being controlled by the One Below All. Using the Absorbing Man's powers, Brian made him soak up all the gamma radiation on the site in order to open a Green Door, which sent everybody on the scene to Below-Place, the One Below All's dwelling.[2] In Below-Place, Puck convinced the Absorbing Man to use his powers to empower the Hulk with gamma radiation, resulting in him defeating the One Below All and returning everybody back to Earth. In the afthermath, Puck invted the Absorbing Man into the team. He accepted, and requested to bring his wife Titania as well.[3]

Afterward, the Hulk teamed-up with Doc Samson to investigate the now-abandoned Shadow Base Site A.[4] He left behind Samson after the base collapsed, and he was picked up by Gamma Flight when they appeared to investigate.[5] Together with Samson, Gamma Flight continued following the Hulk, arriving at the scene of a battle he had with a Shaow Base-controlled Rick Jones. The team retrieved the Gamma-Activated Tissue left behind from the battle which had been used by Shadow Base to mutate Jones.[6] The team took the tissue to the Alpha Flight Space Station, but they were raided by General Fortean shortly afterward. Using a Redeemer Armor, he teleported into the station and attacked Gamma Flight, leaving Langkowski as the only casualty. Fortean then retrieved the tissue and teleported away.[7]

In retaliation for Fortean's attack, Gamma Flight tracked Fortean's translocator signal and teleported to its source, Shadow Base Site B. However, due to their use of psychics, Shadow Base was expecting their attack and surrounded them on the spot. The tables were turned when the Hulk and his allies appeared to retaliate against Fortean as well.[8] Gamma Flight teamed up with green goliath to take down Fortean,[9] resulting in the Hulk seizing command of Shadow Base. In the aftermath, Samson defected from Alpha Flight and joined the Hulk to keep an eye on him.[10]

As part of his objective to bring down the global status quo,[11] the Hulk waged war against Roxxon.[12] In retaliation, Roxxon orchestrated an attack of four giant monsters on Phoenix, Arizona.[13] Gamma Flight flew to the city to help contain the monsters. Titania single-handedly killed the monsters codenamed Bradbury,[14] while the Absorbing Man intercepted a fight between the Hulk and Xemnu, who had arrived to contain the monsters but was secretly working with Roxxon to give the Hulk bad publicity.[15]

Following Roxxon and Xemnu's defeat, the Hulk was hailed as a national hero. He was invited to Georgeville, where the Leader manipulated Rick Jones to overcharge the Hulk with gamma radiation, making him detonate and destroy the town.[16] Gamma Flight appeared to restrain the Hulk,[17] and following an arduous fight against Titania and the Absorbing Man, Puck subdued the Hulk using a laser gun to shoot him in the head.[18] By this time, Alpha Flight had fallen under the command of Henry Gyrich, who had the Hulk contained aboard the Alpha Flight Space Station. Shortly afterward, Gamma Flight was joined by Doc Samson, who had resurrected in Sasquatch's body. When Banner managed to break out, Gamma Flight were unable to stop him.[19] Gyrich threatened to turn against Gamma Flight for this failure, and the team walked out on him.[20]

Samson and Puck then travelled to Shadow Base G to retrieve Samson's original body in hopes to return Langkowski to his. They encountered a merged Rick Jones and Del Frye, who were escaping from the abandoned facility.[21] They were joined by the Hulk's ally Dr. McGowan and McGee, who had decided to investigate the gamma energy spike caused by Dell and Rick.[22] After learning that the Hulk was confronting the U-Foes in Manhattan, the former Gamma Flight members, as well as Dell and Rick, agreed to go help him since they had learned from Samson that the Leader was pulling the strings.[23] The team picked up Absorbing Man and Titania, and teleported to Manhattan, where the Hulk and Harpy were fighting the Avengers. When the heroes refused to let Gamma Flight part with the Hulk, a fight broke out. In the end, She-Hulk turned against her fellow Avengers and made an opening for Gamma Flight to translocate away with herself, the Hulk and Harpy.[24] Gamma Flight parted ways with the Hulk, Harpy, She-Hulk and McGee afterward.[25]

The team went on the run due to their association with the Hulk and settled down in a safe house in New Mexico. They were spurred into action by the rampage of a gamma mutate codenamed Stockpile in Texas, where they also encountered her handler, Skaar.[26] Gamma Flight's escape went awry when a malfunction in their translocator technology malfunctioned and seemingly disintegrated the members of the team on the scene as well as Stockpile.[27] The team was transported to the small town of Thomasville, whose populance was being experimented on by Stockpile's former benefactors, Project Green Spring, through an alleged supplement called Fortify. However, the team had also been shunted into to a parallel plane of reality, an Astral Plane-like dimension based on gamma, allowing them to covertly witness Green Spring's operations and discover that their leader was the returned Abomination, who was piloting the gamma-mutated body of Stockpile's father, General Fortean. Once McGowan managed to retrieve the team to the normal version of reality, Gamma Flight set out to bring down Green Spring and Stockpile formally joined them.[28] The team returned to Thomasville and raided Green Spring's base to hijack their Cathexis Ray and revert the townspeople to normal with it. The team was successful and, in the process, they managed to turn Skaar to their side and split Rick from Del. After taking down Abomination's right-hand, Dr. Alba, Blonksy was driven off. Gamma Flight decided to stay at Thomasville to further help the townspeople with the side effects of their gamma exposure.[29]



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